Hillsboro, Oregon
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Best buy is a horrible place. MY 1st expierence with them was in the store.

I wanted to purchase an item they had on the shelf. They wouldnt sell it too me they had no more in the back amd he brought his friend over to see if he wanted it. I heard him talking to his friend. So i left the store and purchased the item online.

I gave it to my mother as a gift after turning it on to see if it worked. IT seemed to work but after 20 minutes the radio would shut off. Most stores have a 30 day return policy and it had been 25 days so i thought perfect i could just exchange it for one that does work or get my money back. Wrong, they have a 15 day return policy.

NOw im stuck with a piece of junk that doesnt work and put 200.00. I will never buy from them again amd i will make sure no one from my family buys from them ever again

Product or Service Mentioned: Sharp Cd-dh950p Speaker System.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Best Buy Cons: Aweful return policy.

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Did you have the employee attempt to return it and see if the manufacturer warranty could be fulfilled in store? (That process will only get you a store credit but its better than stuck with a broken product) Did you speak with a manager nicely, most are willing to do exchanges on out of policy items.

I would personally take down your order number, it can be punched in and your personal information accessed. :/


What is wrong with you? Didn't you look at the receipt that clearly shows the return policy? It's not best buy's fault you're an ***


You are the one that's ignorant person.