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I was very excited for the Prestige edition of the Playstation 3 game Modern Warfare 2. I was so excited in fact that I decided to purchase the prestige edition of the game from Best Buy for $164.

I placed my order In September and was highly anticipating the release of the game. The day before the game was set to release, I received a call from Best Buy saying that they did not have a copy of the game for me. I did not understand how this was possible considering I had placed the pre-order over 8 weeks in advance! I called Best Buy and they told me that they can send me a game when when they get one in, up to 90 days.

So their idea of making up for the terrible service is giving me express shipping when the game comes in. Now, instead of waiting 93 days for my game, I only have to wait 91. Isn't their customer satisfaction great?

The whole experience has made me so disgusted that I really dont even want the game any more. I can honestly say that I will never shop there again, and would reccomend that nobody ever shop there.

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How do you expect BestBuy to check every single product that they have on their shelfs? There is no physical way they can make sure that every product they sell is completely functional from the manufacturer. As for the replacement, they are willing to give you a replacement computer NOT TO EXCEED what you originally paid.







To answer alot of your questions, we actually do state it in a pamphlet that states when a computer is being replaced due to insuff. funds, no parts, etc.

you are able to EXCHANGE IT for a COMPARABLE unit that has YOUR units specifications.

So of course Best Buy isn't going to be sending you off with a computer BETTER than what you've purchased.

And to explain the difference of what YOU paid for and the -280 is basic, the VALUE seem to be different 7 months ago. Technology is growing, and the demands for computers have gotten higher every year, therefore, if you bought your laptop for 899.99 and your specs isn't as great as it is Now, the cost of the once used to be 899.99 laptop is now 499.99


that sucks! but get the game, its awesome


The same thing happened to me at gamestop. They say that the mfg cut the orders and were unable to ship as many as were sold.


My story

No, I'm not raging but I do have what I think is a very grave issue. I bought a computer for my wife less then 7 months ago. This computer malfunctioned and I brought it into Best Buy for repair. It was sent out and a few weeks later I had it back home. Less than two weeks later it exhibited the same malfunction. Again I return to Best Buy and off the computer goes to be re-repaired. This is where things fall apart:

1. In communication with the Geek Squad rep I ask what happens if this continues? Answer: If we have to repair it 4 times then we replace it.

2. I get a call today (11/19/09) the voice mail states that my computer cannot be repaired, please come in to pick up your replacement computer.

3. Arrive at Best Buy, start the replacement process, go out on the floor and with the salesmen’s help find a computer that matches the one needing to be replaced. (note, the only hardware difference is a larger hard drive)

4. Back at the counter I am informed that no, in fact we will not replace your computer as stated, but only refund you the cost of the tower (266.81) plus tax. This is the first time that this possibility is stated to me - and whisk - off goes my "replacement" computer.

So I stand in Best Buy, the computer I bought - which was defective and beyond repair is gone (not returned so I could try to get it fixed elsewhere) and offered only an amount that is not even close to replacing what I bought.

Needless to say the store offered no assistance beyond "our policy" when I asked to see this policy - after looking on all my store given paperwork - I am told that it is an internal store policy and not given to customers. Odd, that would be a good thing to know beforehand if you ask me.

Now off to the very nice lady at the 888 number. And she was very nice and understanding but I ask to have my call escalated.

Now meet the very ridged manager in customer service, not overtly rude, but exasperated, showing zero empathy and appears that my hold time for him was used to perfect his speech to me about how I will have to pay over $200 if I want my replacement computer replaced.

Long story, thanks for reading this far.

So here I sit - out a defective computer I bought from Best Buy, looking at roughly $281 and some change offered for this less than 7 month old computer and being given a thin and icy veneer of "that’s our policy"

So just so I get it straight: Best Buy's policy is to sell defective computers, then make the customer responsible for the monetary burden of that defective product.

Please explain to me how any of this was my fault.