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I purchased this LG washer/dryer combo on Nov. 22nd when they first listed them for $349 each online.

LG - 3.6 Cu. Ft. 5-Cycle Washer - White

Model: WM2016CW | SKU: 8247569

LG - 7.0 Cu. Ft. 5-Cycle Electric Dryer - White

Model: DLE2516W | SKU: 8247603

When I completed the checkout process it allowed me to choose a December 15th shipping date. I need to push back the shipping date because the closing on our new house was pushed back to December 18th. When I called BB yesterday and waited 30 mins he said their scheduling system was broken. So I called back today and again after waiting 30 minutes she tried to brush me off with the same excuse. After I insisted she help me, she discovered that the washer/dryer cannot be shipped because they are "in store only" items. We checked if I can pick them up in Nashville (here) or Atlanta (where I'm moving to), no such luck! When I asked her what my options are, she said we'll need to cancel the order. WTF! Needless to say, I'm REALLY pissed at this point. She said I couldn't talk to a manager and all she could do is open a "case" and someone will call within FIVE days. I pretty much told her I don't care how they need to do it, I don't care if they need to ship it from Alaska, they will need to deliver the W/D as promised...

Obviously I missed out on all the similar W/D deals from Home Depot, Lowes, hhgregg, etc. I could have easily got the same or better deal from somewhere else, I just happened to be *** and pick BB. Not a mistake I'll make again...


I went to the local Nashville BestBuy and spoke to Mike, who is a manager. Mike tried to help me, but was only able to offer a washer and dryer of lesser value (smaller, cheaper LG model). I told Mike we will accept the same value or greater, but not a sub-par product. Mike said that unfortunately they are unable to help me, and that I need to speak to BestBuy online.

I spoke to BestBuy CallCenter and spoke to Tanya. She told me I would need to speak to someone in "Sales" to allocate me a similar washer/dryer for delivery. Someone from Sales called me back and was confused as to why I was asked to speak to them, since they have no power to make any decisions. They would have someone from "Research" call me back within 30 minutes. Nobody called me back after 3 hours, so I called again. I spoke to Tonika who was able to instant message with her supervisor (but unable to let me speak to her). Her supervisor Julia Darmer told her, and I quote, "Too bad, so sad" and to "just cancel the order". Oh how I pray that conversation was recorded!

This is unacceptable customer support! And I can't believe Tonika told me that, LOL! Tonika said she is hired by a 3rd party company and doesn't actually work for BestBuy, but she is the first one who seemed to actually feel my pain!

Now what? Waiting to hear from Best Buy, I don't have high hopes though. :(

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My daughter had the same problem. We were told that the store "oversold" the warehouse quantity and LG was not able to fulfill the quantities to satisfy all the orders sold.

Seems like poor planning on Best Buy's part but , It was a REALLY good deal!! She got her money back on a cancelled order and was offered a MAJOR discount off on any "in-stock" laundry pair.


Hey BestBuy Hater- PLEASE do not shop at Best buy again!! You are the kind of *** Wad I always get behind at the store when I want some attention from the staff and have to wait forever because YOU are asking *** questions just to be a TOOL and buy it elsewhere.

It's people like you that ruin it for everyone else. No wonder the sales staff have issues with "some" customers!! We are thanking you in advance to NEVER set foot in another Brick and Morter store again.

(oh, and "Good Luck" in returning an on-line purchase!! DipStick...)


Purchasing MAJAPS on-line...and WITH delivery, no less! :grin

You are a sandwich short of a pic-nic!


Rezilient, I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you, but please don't think this is typical of Best Buy. I hope you don't hold every store responsible for what happened.

And you "Best Buy Hater," are just an ignorant ***. Look at the restocking free policy next time you go into Best Buy just to get information from those knowledgable employees. A restocking fee only applies to open items. And in some districts, there is no restocking fee at all.

I'm actually glad you don't buy from the store. You're the kind of person that has a problem, then expects Best Buy to fix it even though it is not the store's responsibility or issue in the first place. I wouldn't be surprised if you were the one who posted all the other complaints. I'd like to see how well that online store does on customer service when your products break.

It's people like you that put Circuit City out of business. Thank God you don't shop at Best Buy. That way they won't have the same fate.


You are not using Best Buy to there full potential. I go there have them demonstrate the product I am looking for and then go home and buy it online or somewhere else as their return policy has a very hefty restocking fee.

Even if the item is unopened.

Let them do the work and then go buy somewhere else. I make it clear to them when they are finished with the demonstration why I don't buy there !!

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