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On the Monday before Thanksgiving my wife and I went into the Best Buy in Santee Ca to purchase a dishwasher but only wanted to buy it if it was going to be delivered and installed before Thanksgiving because we had 15 people coming for dinner. The salesperson said that was no problem and they could deliver and install it Wednesday afternoon between 2-4 pm.

Great, I would just have to get off work early to meet the delivery truck, no big deal. The dishwasher showed up in the right time frame but told me that they have no notes saying to install it and that another guy would be out to install it. I called the salesperson and asked what happened and she told me that she made a big mistake and that she would work on getting someone out to install it that night. At 6:45 pm someone else from the store called and said I'm really sorry but we can't get anyone out there tonight to install it and it looks like they're 10 days out and told me I should be compensated for the mistake.

Now I'm left with either trying to install it myself which doesn't seem like rocket science but will take a few hours of my time reading through the instructions and getting under my sink and so on, just what I want to do when I'm suppose to be getting ready to make a huge dinner for 15 people. Well, we ended up washing all the dishes buy hand after everyone left which took an extra hour and a half. The next day I went into talk to customer service to take care of the problem and they said they could offer me a $50 gift card.( why would I ever want to buy here again) I said let me talk to a manager,so she went back talked to the manager and said he was too busy at this moment and he can call you later. So 6 more hours go by and still no call,so I call corporate customer service and they try to get the manager to take my call but no luck.

I ended up returning the dishwasher then drove over to Home Depot and bought the same dishwasher from them and they're delivering and installing it for free. The whole ordeal took up so much of our time (ordering it,taking time off from work, calling best buy, waiting for installer to show up,waiting for manager to call back, driving over to talk to manager,driving back home to just turn around and return the dishwasher and wait in line to get money back during black Friday, driving over to Home Depot and order from them and now waiting another week till they deliver and install it. All this could have been alleviated if the manager from Best Buy Santee made time to speak to me and resolve this issue. I even told Best Buy customer service that I was in the market to buy a gas range, refrigerator and microwave in the next 3 months and they didn't even care.

So, Guess what *** manager at Santee Ca Best Buy I will be buying all my appliances at the Home Depot and will never step foot into another Best Buy store again.

And by the way he still hasn't returned my phone call but what do you expect from a guy who isn't qualified to pump gas!!!!

*** You Best Buy

Greg Davis

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

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OMG WHAT A HORRIBLE THANKSGIVING!! Are you serious?? You let an honest mistake & washing dishes by hand RUIN your Thanksgiving?? Really??

Have you thought about the ones that can't even be home for Thanksgiving because they are overseas fighting for OUR freedom? Have you thought about the ones who don't even have a family or a home to have Thanksgiving at?? Have you thought about the ones who Have lost their loved one recently and this is the first Thanksgiving without them?

Have you stopped to think about anyone else besides you and your poor poor dishpan hands from all the dishes you had to wash for a whole hour!!! #selfish #yourpoorhands #haveyouheardofpaperplates #theonlyonethatruinedyourthanksgivingwasyou


I totally agree. Lots of people have nothing. Be thankful that you have a roof over your hear.


You actually had to wash your dishes... BY HAND??????

That must have DEFINITELY been the WORST Thanksgiving EVER!

#entitlementissues #firstworkdproblems #whiny #crymeariver


Same thing happen to me don't bye from best buy in santee


I don't bye their ether. I do buy there or El Cajon either way.


No one "ruined" your Thanksgiving but you. Use paper plates.

Wash them by hand. There are plenty of options. But most of all, Thanksgiving is about being thankful.

For you know having a roof over your head or having 15 people who want to spend time with you. If you can't see that then THAT is what ruined your Thanksgiving.


Best buy santee has awful customer service. I'm Sorry for what you went through, cause I experienced worse. I Will not shop there again


So how did this "ruin" Thanksgiving? There are a lot of people who would have gladly licked those plates clean for you just to have something to eat.

And you have the nerve to complain that Thanksgiving was ruined.

If you had plates to wash it means you had food. Aren't you supposed to give thanks for that?


worst buy strikes again. have you read the other reviews this company is terrible and the employees well what I can about people the lie right to your face to get a sale


I have to agree with *** They even offered compensation for their mistake but your temper tantrum and pride ruined Thanksgiving. But you were grumpy and took it out on your wife and guests.