Maywood, Illinois
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My 80 year old Mother-in-law bought a new TV from Best Buy, Melrose Park, Illinois. She asked what happens if there was something wrong with it and was told she could bring it back for an exchange within 15 days.

When we set it up for her a week later found out that the screen was broken. Brought it back and they won't exchange it or give her her money back claiming she broke it because she didn't bring it back within 48 hours. Felt that Customer service was rude and condensending towards my Mother-in-law. Worse return policy ever!

Never, ever, ever buy ANYTHING from Best Buy. They have just lost a frequent customer.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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The paperwork given to her states that she has 48 hours to inspect the product. As a best buy installer, it looks like it was grabbed with the middle finger on the glass and squeezed causing the break.

Im guessing an accident and it happened when you pulled the unit from the box. You may not.

Have even realized you did it as it happens very easily.


if she needed a new tv that badly why would you wait a week to set it up for her?

someone obviously dropped it you can clearly see it in the corner.

was it an "open box" purchase?"

i find there's more missing to this complaint then the poster is letting on. i've bought lots from them had only ever a few problems and NEVER had an issue with returning things.


I agree that something seems to be missing from the review, as you are correct something clearly struck the screen in the corner. Since the review doesn't state it was an open box item, personally I can only assume it was brand new which would make returning it in that condition hard as the store would have to be at least somewhat suspicious that the damage was caused by the customer, especially since it had been over a week before the damage was discovered.


Anonymous? - Anonymous??

Grow up!


I don't get people!!! If you pay with a credit or debit card and aren't happy with the product, and the store won't work with you, call up and dispute the charges, that's one of the main perks of paying with a card!

In this case, email the bestbuy ceo and someone on his team will help you out.


There is actually a retail law on the books that states that they have to take it back since it was damaged. Point that out to them and maybe they will change their tune.


Contact the manufacturer of the TV and let them know about it. The warranty you have is with them not Best Buy and they should be more than happy to replace the TV.