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Definitely stay away from Best Buy, cancel any Best buy cards - for that is exactly why Best buy rep asked me for a credit card, I didn't apply for it....

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Brought a dvd player and tv. Dvd player came with no cords for hookup.

Was not informed by sales clerk. Made a round trip cab ride to get an explanation. Had to buy hdmi cord. Total spent after a $250 purchase, an addition $60 (for round trip and cord) Dumb a*****.

Retrain your employees to inform customers better, for not everyone has extra accessories for any electronics to apply. I am from the old school, since when did dvds and cds and other electronics sell with no cords? That like a microwave with no plate, or a dvd player with no remote control.

I mean really what is this world coming to? Unbelievable, Incredible, Remarkable......

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Besides the fact that they make money if you buy a cable from them, they don't know how long a cable you need. If they included one that was too short for your use you'd complain about that.

If it was way too long you'd complain because it made a mess behind your equipment. This way you can buy one that fits you installation. Also it's correct that you should not pay their usurious prices.

This is not a new thing. When printers used parallel cables they didn't include cables for the same reason.

Anyway, it's not Best Buy who decides what to include.

Face it, you just made a mistake, accept it, buy a cable and move on enjoying your new device. It will make your life a lot easier.


OK, so you are old. So you should probably have enough life experience to be able to read and ask questions.

Instead, you are begging for free stuff. Get it together, gramps.


Why should they read??? They have gotten this far in life BLAMING everyone from the manufacturers to the sales person.

WHY is it so difficult for consumers to ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for their purchases? WHY is it ALWAYS someone else fault that YOU didnt read?? WHY cant YOU just admit that YOU ASSUMED instead of blaming the poor minimum wage employee?? HOW is the employee to KNOW one way or the other that YOU dont have the appropriate cables to hook it up.

Its NOT like HDMI is BRAND NEW and $20 a foot. HDMI has been around long enough that almost everyone should have atleast ONE device that uses HDMI.

Heres a NOVEL idea. Just admit that YOU ASSUMED and move on.


Look at the box the unit came in and it will state what is included in the box along with the dvd player. An HDMI cord tends NOT to be included with many brands players.

If the box doesn't say the appropriate cords are included, then you are expected to purchase one---with the idea that you will buy one from the place you bought the dvd player-----at an exorbitant price, of course. FYI: when buying an HDMI cord, ignore all the hype and buy a cheap one. I get mine for less than $10, more like 5 or 6 dollars apiece and sometimes as little as four dollars.

There is basically no difference in these things. Bottom line: youse gotta read the box!

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