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I purchased a $1,200 phone for my son to travel to Florence Italy I did the upcharge of doing the apple plus plus instead of doing the Verizon and paying the $50 copay if something goes wrong with your phone or gets lost or stolen I go to BestBuy to get a replacement...
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Best Buy Sales Manager

Best Buy Phone Sales Person Are Liers

I was looking at the new Galaxy Note4S when one of the sales associates from the phone department walked to me and explained (lie) that if I trade my IPhone I didn't have to pay anything for the Galaxy. I had just purchase two new IPhone's (my wife and mine) and it sounded like a logic thing to do. When we got home we realized that they charged me full retail price ($699) for the two new phones and added a 24 months payment plan on booth of my Verizon lines and lets not forget that I gave them my other two new IPhones. I was extremely upset and called Verizon right away and they were really sorry about what the Best Buy people did. I called Best Buy and they kind of smiled at my face telling me that I signed the papers and it was nothing that they could do. I was really upset and didn't know what to do. The manager didn't want to speak with me and the sales guy who sold me the phone was hiding and avoided us. in the past I had great experience on the store but I truly held accountable Best Buy for employing a delinquent salesman and for having poor management. I will try to advice as many people as I can to stay away from this thieves.
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This review is complete BS. There's no way this happened because you have to either use your card and sign or enter your pin, or use cash for the you would have known that they charged you. What a bad lie!!


I would recommend you post this review along with the link to your review on the pissed off consumer site to the Best Buy's Facebook page. I would also try to see if the local Best Buy that did this to you has a facebook page and post it there.

Call them out. Get corporate involved, so sorry this happened.

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Best Buy Sales Manager
  • Take money from customers
  • Misrepresentaion
  • Best buy lie to me in my face
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Best Buy lie to me in my face
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Full refund

Best Buy - Sales Manager Review from Newark, New Jersey

Wow how they suck. I purchased a new laptop yesterday and it crashed today. Ok no big deal This happens. Picked up a second new unit when I returned the first crashed unit. Actually upgraded a little more. Here is their problem, I paid CASH. My mistake I guess. After getting the second unit I never opened the box. Thinking about what this dum sales twit told me about the new computer it did not make the grade. Called a few other computer stores, shot the sales twit lied to me. Yea I know that's a shocker but it happened. Now I am really passed. Went to take back the new unopened unit back. Remember I paid CASH. Seams best buy does not refund CASH to customers over $100'00 they will mail you a check in 4 to 6 weeks. Called their head quarters phone number and was told by a manager that with all the returns they have they would need to keep at least a $ 100,000 in cash on hand. Guess they have a lot of returns everyday. I WILL never step foot in another one of their sorry stores again and hope they go belly up. And these twits wonder why their sales are going down.
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You're a fu*#ing idi ot, (can't believe this site blocks words like idi ot and $tupid) but anyway, yes you're a f*#ing idi ot. Every retailer does the same thing.

Anytime you purchase something that's really expensive and want a refund, they will mail you a check if it's over a certain dollar amount. Walmart and target do the same thing.

So you can plan to not go to any of those stores either since you're so entitled and the rules don't apply to you. And it doesn't take 4-6 weeks, it takes maybe 1-2 weeks.

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