Detroit, Michigan
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Best buy was the WORST buy EVER! Our washer had some sort of issue and was leaking through our ceiling.

We decided to go to best buy and get a new washer. But then, we wanted a matching set. Fine. They said it would take a certain amount of days to deliver, and when it FINALLY came, they unwrapped it, and what do you know?

There's a HUGE dent right in the side of the washer. We were furious. We called customer service and explained and they told us they would get us a new one the following Thursday. That was OVER a week!

Our clothes were already dirty! So, by the time the new washer came, we were reusing our dirty, nasty clothes. The delivery guy said that they had tried to shortcut us and had been fired. I swear.

This was the worst retail experience I've ever had. Goodbye, best buy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Call 1-888-237-8289 and have your receipt ready. I'm pretty sure the delivery drivers were unable to satisfy your issue, so take it to the next level so that BBY can fix the process.

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