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Best Buy knowingly sells this troubled brand, and when the LCD Main Board Goes out 3 months after the Warranty is up, and Costs 450 dollars to Repair, They offer You nothing but a hassle. "Why Didn't You buy an extended warranty?" My 27 " Insignia lasted barely over the one Year, now it is trash, at least I know why they started a recycling program.

I will never walk into thier store again.

Everything that is suppossed to be black on the TV turned a bright Green, very annoying, The repair tech said this is common, thats why when I went back to their Maple Grove Store to tell them about this camly, they offered 10 % off a new Samsung, which is over 600, then they want money for an extended service plan, Screw it I'm still tapped from the TV I bought a Year ago, and why would I give them any more Business?

Monetary Loss: $600.

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My Insignia 47" lcd tv lasted 4mos before sceen went black-I bought the extended warranty and have been waiting over a month for repair or replacement....this is the last product I will buy at Bestbuy!!!!!


My Insignia NS-LCD26A quit changing channels and would turn on sometimes and not turn off other times, just after 15 months. Now they tell me it's the main board but parts are not available because they don't make the TV anymore.

I wonder why? They new it was junk and unloaded it for cheap during the recession and now don't care. Let's file a class action lawsuit to get our money back.

This is deception. You sold me a TV that you could unload quickly during a recession knowing good and well you stiffed a lot of people.


Sorry Joe, Don't buy it. I bought the service plan for $400.

The TV cost $1499.

Then when the Lemon clause kicks in BB offers me a entry level Insignia valued at $699. Far cry from my nice POS RCA they are replacing


Best Buy sells a product that has a history of problems, dies one month out of warranty, and they could have done a good customer who has spent over 15,000 dollars over the years in there store a favor by doing something for me to alleviate the pain. But no, so hundreds of potential customers have read this, and my You Tube post on there *** brand has thousands of views, who do you think lost more money, them or me. Cheap bastards lost more I'd say.


My Insignia 32" LCD TV failed after 3 said the main driver board failed. Colors went crazy...looked like an acid trip.

Had nothing but hassles trying to get Best Buy and Insignia to live up to the warranty. After one month of repetitive phone calls and patience, they have finally agreed to replace the set...though they say it's because parts "aren't available anymore."


So, you didn't buy the service plan when offered, and when something went wrong with your TV after the Insignia warranty expired, you decided you deserved something for nothing? Just because you bought a product from Best Buy you think you deserve free service or replacement for the life of the product? Must be nice living in fantasy land!


I'm not pissed at the Store, or its employees. And I have over 4 other LCD's that keep on working fine, they are advertised to go 18 years.

I 'am pissed at the company, that knowlingly is selling this brand with a bad history, and continuing to sell it, even though Insignia's fail alot.

And they don't give a *** who gets screwed. They suck, and You smartasses suck also.


my insignia also went bad after just over a year. But whatever.

I'll fix it myself. But BestBuy should bear some responsibility in selling products THEY KNOW are inferior.

It isn't illegal to swindle people like this, but it should be. And also, you people are no help at all.


It"s funny how the consumer get mad at the store in which they brought the product from. It don't matter if its a insignia or sony it still could have happen to you so, you should of bought a service plan because i did and all i had to do was tell them to pick the t.v up they fixed it and i am all set and ready to go. You probally thought the plan wasn't worth it they were just trying to make some more money off of you huh


My $800 Insignia tv lasted 1.5 years then started to die. All of the black color turned a light green and the sound completely stopped working.

What a MAJOR piece of ***. Don't buy one ever!!


but there are no lcd tvs made in the USA


for some customers it's still too hard to understand that *** goes bad...................................... oh well.....


Insignia is the BBY house brand made with LG parts.... people should relize a house brand is not a product that a store owns....

infact its just a product that is featured in one store... Evey consumer should know a retail stores are just simply the place where the product is sold... If thier is a problem with a product its not the stores fault its the manufacture... I work at constomer service and alot of consumers blame best buy for selling them a faulty product the only part that is true is that we sold the product to them....

and the fact that it was faulty is the manufacture.... We offer a service plan becuase we know not all products are going to be perfect but it will give you the peace of mind if something were to go wrong .... another note BEST BUY MAKES NO MONEY OFF OF SERVICE PLANS!!! infact some days we lose money...

it may cost 200 dollars but some cases include many hours of labor and a few hundred dollars in parts for one product!! We offer service plans for customer loyalty not to make money becuase we break about even!


insignia products are bad period.


Learn what the "service plans" cover. I was in best buy and I was amazed at a customer that bought a 5 thousand dollars TV and couldn't get a $300 dollar service plan.... FOR FOUR YEARS!

hilarious *** in my opinion...

4 years is a long time, and, if something doesn't go wrong in 3.5 years, i'd make something go wrong with it to get a new one.



What you pay for, is what you get my friend ... in STP here.

Buy yourself a quality TV and you wouldn't have to worry about such a thing.

Buy a samsung, or a panasonic.

thank you mpls... and mpl grove.


I'd have walked in to see the guy helpless... I'd unzip my pants, and give him a good ol fashioned but ***

Yeah. Make him scream like a bit- ch.


"They offer You nothing but a hassle."

Too bad you didn't buy the PSP when it was offered to you the first time; I can see you still haven't learned anything. BBY employees are NOTORIOUS for "pushing" service plans, and somehow they missed you? :grin

I have 2 Insignia TVs in my home, and bought my daughter one for her birthday. Even the one I bought DAMAGED for a bargain has yet to have problems, and it's over three years old, showing NO signs of issues.

Next time; buy American! :zzz

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