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Best Buy knowingly sells this troubled brand, and when the LCD Main Board Goes out 3 months after the Warranty is up, and Costs 450 dollars to Repair, They offer You nothing but a hassle. "Why Didn't You buy an extended warranty?" My 27 " Insignia lasted barely over the one Year, now it is trash, at least I know why they started a recycling program.

I will never walk into thier store again.

Everything that is suppossed to be black on the TV turned a bright Green, very annoying, The repair tech said this is common, thats why when I went back to their Maple Grove Store to tell them about this camly, they offered 10 % off a new Samsung, which is over 600, then they want money for an extended service plan, Screw it I'm still tapped from the TV I bought a Year ago, and why would I give them any more Business?

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Bought an Insignia NSWDVD Blu Ray player about 18 months ago. It suddenly won't accept Blu Ray disks (it seems to like DVDs).

I am mad enough to chew nails. I'm buying my next player from CostCo who stand behind their products.


We should start a class action suit. They may have great attorneys but it will cost them money


I also purchased an Insigina 37" television from Best Buy. I did not purchase a warranty thinking the television would last for years to come.

I bought the TV 2 1/2 years ago at a cost of over $700.00. The TV has now failed and I am also getting black and florescent green screens. The technician said it may be the main tuner. I have also heard that this will be expensive to repair so, as all have mentioned I will be have to purchase a new tv with warranty, I imaagine.

I will not purchase an Insignia TV again. I may try Samsung, but, never again Insignia products.I was also told there was no way they could help me as I did not purchase the extended warranty.


I just got my 42" Insignia LCD HDTV today with 1080p and 120hz I got it home and it didn't work... I called there Insignia phone number and they claimed it was a "faulty motherboard" and told me to go back to Best Buy and get it exchanged... I'm not tempted to purchase the extended waranty.


You guys helped me decide no insignia for me! Dank the hassle!!!!!!


I purchased the 50in insignia plasma for 599.00 which has lasted me three years and passed it down to my little sister then i bought a 1500.00 sony which is now three months old and has been sent to get fixed four times so i am gonna say insignia is a good brand


I have had my 32 inch insignia flat screen for 2 years now. It died, first started making ticking sounds and now I have only a black screen. IT IS GARBAGE!!


Same. We bought an Insignia TV and have spent months bringing it back in for them to repair.

They send it to the company, the company claims to replace the soundboard, and then the same problem occurs.

Each time they send the TV out, it takes two weeks for them to repair it and send it back. In the meantime, we're without a TV but paying for service...


Why bash the consumer for not buying an extended warranty ?. If the Manufacturer would build a product to last there would be no need to purchase extended warranties.

I remember when American made products were built to last, today all you can get is cheap Chinese *** that is designed to fail.

I work hard for my money and deserve a fair deal on my purchases. If anyone's crying or complaining because they've been ripped off by manufacturers building *** products, they have every right to .


I also found that my Insignia TV from Best Buy didn't work well after less than a year The DVD player simply stopped accepting disks which worked fine in other machines. Other issues are : the picture drops out while the audio continues to work.

SInce the warranty is NOT honored, this should be a class action suit- it appears systemic. Any lawyers interested?!


I am too a service tech, and what your're sayin is nothing but a bunch of b/s yes sure the big brands also fail, the difference lays on the service and parts availability, I dare you to try and order/buy replacement parts for insignia and/or any of the best buy or any other oem brand. The question is why a company sells a product that they wont stand behind of?.

So for all of you with insignia problems next time spend the extra bucks and buy a name brand, stop looking for bargain prices, and remeber you get what you pay for. Good luck to you all.


I purchased 26" INSIGNIA TV from FURUTRE SHOP in APRIL 2009. In March 2011 it was stopped working.

I contacted FUTURESHOP for repair or replacement however FUTURESHOP was agreed for repair. After 3 weeks I was called by Future shop that they are unable to repair. I contacted INSIGNIA/FUTRE SHOP AND BEST BUY however I was failed to get any response. Every one tried to divert me to others.

I asked one question from them what is the life of INSIGNIA TV it is only 2 year then customer should buy another TV after 2 years. I am frustrated with the services of BEST BUY AND FUTURE SHOP


I purcahsed INSIGNIA TV 26" from FUTURESHOP in APRIL 2009. It was out of order in March 2011.

I contacted Futureshop for repair however they were failed to repair because they had stopped production of same model.

I am now forced to buy new TV. I asked very simple question from INSIGNIA/BESTBUY/FUTURESHOP obout the life of TV however I was unable to got proper answer.


had the same issue spents over 3 hours witht he geek squad no help there. apparently no one in the entire store has the ability to honor the warranty when the tv has an issue that insignia has admitted to that it is anable to fix.

best buy simply continues to send my tv backt o insignia for them to approve an instore transfer, which means ill be going through this all again. insignia tv are worthless, there waranty is useless, best buy employes act cluess and just pass you on.

at least at walmart theyll take a return and actually provide some customer service. how horrible is best buy that i actually have to say walmart has better customer service.


my 37" is white screen with vertical colored lines. wtf!

3 years and these tvs go out.

Don't you just love how they are screwing us over? Make something that is gonna last a long time you greedy bastards!


I have a 32" NS-LDV032Q-10A model,LCD Cd player insignia TV. I can not get it to program any digitial channels.

I took back to the store and it worked fine there but back at home no luck. My other digitial ready tv pick up the digitial programing. I have anthoer insignia 26inch tv and it picks up the programing just fine.

I have moved the 32" tv aroung the house and hooked it up to those cable feeds with no luck. Does anyone else have a problem like this?


My one year old (lost receipt )22 inch Insignia TV lost its ability to show HDTV and the only thing I got from Best Buy and Insignia is tough ***.


Jus bought a 42 inch for my home office....great product, easy set up...the plug and play feature is fantastic. After reading some of the post, i will go back today and get the extended war....remote control needs a little work.....small buttons.....but other than that great tv for the we all know...we get what we pay for.....enjoy life...stop complaining :)


Honestly my first TV when I got married was an Insignia and I never had any problems. Yes after a few years I started experiencing some issues with the colors going out of control like green or blue and audio problems.

It lasted over 3 years with no problems. A lot of customers don't like to consider the extended warranty because they feel is a waste of money but when problems appear they start bashing and protesting against the brand and retailer. Honestly this is very childish. When you buy a car and a house you put insurance also on cellphones so why not on a TV.

I am a Technician and I have seen Samsungs, Sony, Panasonics, JVC and more known brands completely *** out. I have seen lots of customers very happy when they get their stuff fix or replaced. So honestly stop making excuses and stop being cheap. Get your favorite products and protect them cause technology is expensive and if you decide to go with out a extender warranty believing that your product is a Tonka that never breaks, then good luck.

Take my word for it as a technician, I have seen the most expensive and known brand craping out in less than 3 months. So anything is possible.


Bought Insignia internet radio Infocast

Insignia had poor customer service refrred me to geek squad who could not help. Turns out (they say) N router is too fast. That took 3 calls with2 hours on the phone

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