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Best Buy knowingly sells this troubled brand, and when the LCD Main Board Goes out 3 months after the Warranty is up, and Costs 450 dollars to Repair, They offer You nothing but a hassle. "Why Didn't You buy an extended warranty?" My 27 " Insignia lasted barely over the one Year, now it is trash, at least I know why they started a recycling program.

I will never walk into thier store again.

Everything that is suppossed to be black on the TV turned a bright Green, very annoying, The repair tech said this is common, thats why when I went back to their Maple Grove Store to tell them about this camly, they offered 10 % off a new Samsung, which is over 600, then they want money for an extended service plan, Screw it I'm still tapped from the TV I bought a Year ago, and why would I give them any more Business?

Monetary Loss: $600.

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My ns dd200na14 insignia will not picking up any changes called support and all l got was *** help. Told.

Me to take it to the shop.

Want be any more bought it's only a year and 3months old.should be a law agents selling this craps to anyone. Buyers be wear don't do it.look for a nother brand or you get one broke off in you too.


*** inshitniA, 10 months and da screen looks like a *** parade :


bought 32" last year and HATE it. Recall doesn't work.

When I press it it goes back to the same channel I'm already on. Does not hold the favorite channels. I went through and pick them all only to find them all be gone after a few days. When I called the 800# the guy said that he never uses the toggle (recall) button.

He said I could bring it in to the store and they would try to fix it.

In the mean time I have no TV. I didn't want to do it so I just deal with it but will tell everyone I know not to ever buy this junk.


Tv sucks

Best buy sucks

Turned green within 8 months of purchase.


We've owned our 46" Insignia television for a little over a year. 1st, the hdmi NEVER worked right when hooking it up thru a receiver.

So we haven't been able to use our receiver EVER. 2nd, after they came out and serviced it, twice after replacing a part, it finally worked thru our receiver. However, the very next day, (less than 12 hours later) the TV will not turn on at all, and is fried!!!!! We tried 8 different outlets and made sure all the outlets worked, there is no fuses blown in my house either-SO........THE PROBLEM IS BEST BUY SELLS CHEAP CHINESE WALMART-QUALITY ***, and INSIGNIA is probably the worst of them all.

We will never buy another TV from BEST BUY, ever ever again!! (and after an HOUR on the phone with a supervisor, they are still going to try and FIX this CHINESE ***, instead of just giving us a new one, or even better yet a refund!) :(


Bought a 42 inch insignia in November.....went out on May 9th......tried to repair twice now trying for a third....BEWARE poor customer service.......I would never buy again.


I have an insignia tv that is only six months old. Everything that is suppose to be black has now turned green.

I think its a 39". How pathetic.


I bought an open box Insignia flatscreen on sale and I must say, thus far, it has been a great television. The best Ive owned so far in my life and Im no spring chicken. Now watch it suddenly break down.


just got home after waiting 2.5 hrs. in cold to be told their loss leader 40" tv advertised as a black friday special was sold out before the store even was open.

What did they have 3 of them? There were hundreds of people in line for this item. I think our state GA.

- should investigate and fine this company. Have spent thousands in the past in this store but not any more!


Bought as a second tv and barely used it. Was only 6 months old before picture and sound would go off and on every 5 minutes. Will never buy again.


I have had my 27" Insignia tv for 6 years. Yesterday the screen started to go out.

For the price I paid for it, it has been a great tv. My dad has had his for 3 years now with no problems.


tv down very sad will never buy at best buy again


our 37" insignia lasted six months, now they say it need a new mother board, looking at a couple weeks for parts and repair....ouch


Do NOT buy an insignia tv. Bought a 42" insignia 2 years and 4 months ago.

Now we are having problems with only half the screen having a picture. Talked to the tv co, best buy store and corporate office. All were very quick to pass me to the next person. They will not stand behind their products.

I understand the warranty was up, but how weird, only 4 months ago.

We did not purchase their extended warranty because we assumed a $700 tv would last longer than that! Product is junk!


I've got the same problem happening right now! And this will be my 3rd tv in 6 yrs.

My 1st was 42" vizio 3mo.

After warranty exp. went to turn it on nothin. Went to the best cheap place which was Best buy after talking to every one with a name tag! All these TVs are garbage 3-7 yrs is average for these doesn't matter how much you get ripped off, we're being ripped off!

My 2 nd tv I got the super duper pooper warranty ! It Went out 6mo.

After. If you use these tv more than 4-6 hrs a day there not gonna last as a monitor/ tv mine are off for 4-6 hrs max

My thought buy cheapest you can that has what you need, *** the warranty and them.


I have had the 27" insignia LCD TV for 5 years, used it for games, TV, computer monitor, no issues, still have it. its outdated but still running.


I ust be lucky.First LCD was a 26" Insignia five and a half years later and its still going strong. I use a power strip on all my TV's and I turn them off at the strip to make sure that they are truly off


People, what do you expect from low end pieces of ***? Yes, there's a reason that Insignia and Legend, etc is so cheap. It's garbage.


I began having trouble 33 days outside of the 2-year warranty. Called Insignia, tried a flash update.

That failed. Was informed that I would be contacted in 5-6 days. Day 9, no call. Called back, was told 10 days.

Day 10, no call, no email. Was told that the "mysterious back office? declined any assistance. They did not even offer a courtesy call to inform me.

This left me irate.

Did I mention that upon the first call the rep tried to tell me I should buy another, $350-$400. The "mysterious" back office was unavailable on the 3rd call, no answers regarding the lack of communication.


I bought a 26-inch Insignia Dvd Tv Combo and it lived 4 years, now is dead. The repair cost is 200usd, the mainboard needs to be replaced, I rather buy a new and different brand. :(

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