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Approximately a week ago I went to the Best Buy Mobile store in Plymouth Meeting, PA where I previously purchased two Apple iPhone 4S cell phones and two Geek Squad Protection Plans. I went to the store to inquire regarding service for one of the iPhones, for which I had a paid up GSP. While looking up the GSP information for the iPhone I brought into the store, the in-store technical person informed me that the insurance on the other iPhone had ceased because the credit card expired. He said that he couldn't correct the problem and told me to call Geek Squad. I traveled the next day but the day after I called Geek Squad to follow up. I called Geek Squad at 11 AM, was put in que for 15 minutes and then told that the systems were down so I needed to call back in two hours. At 1 PM I followed the same procedure, with the exact same result. At 3 PM I followed the same procedure but this time was told to call back in 4 hours. At 7:30 PM I followed the same procedure and got the exact same result, i.e., I was put in que for 15 minutes, and told to call back in 2 hours. Finally, I told them that this was my 4th call that day. They took down my phone number and PROMISED TO CALL ME BACK WHEN THE SYSTEM WAS UP. THEY NEVER DID CALL ME BACK! NOT THAT DAY! NOT THE NEXT DAY! NOT EVER!

Finally, the late following day I called Geek Squad again, the 5th call. After waiting in que the customer service representative told me that the insurance could not be reinstated because it was more than 4 months since the last payment was received. I then called the Best Buy Mobile store in Plymouth Meeting (the 6th call), where I purchased the iPhones and GSP. They gave me a number to call at Best Buy. I did so (the 7th call). The Best Buy customer service rep gave me the same answer as Geek Squad did. I complained that I had never been notified that the credit card info needed to be updated. The Best Buy customer service rep confirmed that they had no record that I was notified about the needed updated credit card information or that I was notified that the GSP coverage was about to be cancelled or had been cancelled. Consequently, they offered to send an inquiry, reference # 121126402, to the Best Buy buyer protection back office requesting that the GSP be reinstated.

Today, Best Buy responded to that inquiry, reference # 121126402, and stated that they were sorry for the inconvenience but they could not reinstate the GSP # 4017117500. In the email they provided me with an 800 number, i.e., 866-242-4568 to follow up with if I had questions or concerns. I called that number (the 8th call) and the customer service rep again confirmed that Best Buy has no record that I was ever notified that updated credit card information was required or that the GSP coverage was being or had been cancelled. The customer service rep initiated a SECOND INQUIRY, reference #: 121335618. I then called Best Buy headquarters in Minneapolis, MN (the 9th call) and spoke to a third customer service rep, Kristen. She was pleasant and acknowledged that I was never notified that I needed to update my credit card information or that my GSP coverage had been cancelled. She again said, however, that she could not reinstate the GSP coverage. This is unacceptable. Moreover, it is at the least gross negligence on the part of Best Buy/Geek Squad, and most likely intentional FRAUD.

Please be advised that I did not receive a notice that the credit card payments pertaining to GSP # 4017117500 did not go thru because the card expired. According to the Best Buy Customer Service persons who initiated the back office inquiries (there were two inquiries initiated) Best Buy/Geek Squad has no record of having followed up with me to notify me that the credit card to which the monthly premiums were billed had expired. I know for a fact that I was never notified. Likewise, I was never notified by Best Buy/Geek Squad regarding either the impending cancellation or the actual cancellation of the GSP insurance.

Please note that I have other monthly charges billed to credit cards, including charges billed to the card which the GSP premiums were charged and have never had this issue because the vendors notified me if they have a problem with payment going thru or the card expiring. In this case, I received ZERO NOTICE. I consequently paid for insurance that Best Buy let lapse without notifying me but my premiums were not refunded. My family and I have been long standing and frequent customers of Best Buy and Best Buy mobile. If this is how Best Buy treats its customers we will no longer do business with Best Buy, Best Buy Mobile or Geek Squad.

I will be writing the Best Buy CEO a letter listing the items I have purchased for my family as well as those items purchased from Best Buy at my suggestion by my brothers, my father, and my mother-in-law as well as my brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law and their families. Rest assured that none of the above will ever purchase a single item from either Best Buy or Geek Squad again. I know for a fact that they have purchase multiple TVs, multiple kitchen and laundry appliances, multiple pieces of computer equipment/printers/peripherals, multiple iPads, multiple iPhones, and multiple iPods, nanos, etc... I also will be filling the internet web sites with complaints exposing the scam Best Buy/Geek Squad engage in with their GSP insurance product. It's a slick but obvious scam: Best Buy/Geek Squad collect premiums and then let the credit cards expire without notifying the insureds so that Best Buy/Geek Squad can keep the premiums paid early in the contract when claims are least likely to be made and never have to pay out a claim later in the contract when claims are most likely. Furthermore, of course, Best Buy/Geek Squad also does not notify the customers of impending policy cancellations because Best Buy/Geek Squad does not want the policies reinstated. Yes this is a scam and fraud when Best Buy/Geek Squad purposely does not have proper and sufficient notification procedures in place and they don't! I also will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner regarding the fraudulent conduct of Best Buy/ Geek Squad in this matter.

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Geek Squad Protection Fraud
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This is an email I sent to the CEO just today.

I am a loyal geek squad protection plan user for my cell phone over the last few years. I don't agree with them making changed to our service plans and not informing the consumers. This only seems to happen when I need a new device.

Tonight I had an awful experience with customer service. ( last week I went into a store and waited 45 mins in line to only be told the policy has changed now in October everyone has to call in to order a new defective phone) with your protection plan I received a new faulty phone which has now glitched to the point of not working. I don't think a customer should be held accountable for your squad sending a defaulting malfunctioning refurbished phone to its customers then being told WE have to PAY for such items.

1st off the person who gave me this plan on this particular phone never mentioned new changes to me on the policy . C'mon now who reads all the find print. You guys are ripping people off. I

Secondly back in February when I got my 1st replacement LG G2 for sprint. I asked the agent( and again in October) why my phone is saying "no sim card" and has an ugly permanent icon to follow planted at the top. Both types did your workers told me that didn't matter. Only until last week I went to sprint where they seem to have better phone education and told me that is why I have not received 4g network and now for over a year my phone has only been running on 3g.

Tonight on the phone I sat on hold for 30 minutes only to be told that some new policy was in place and I needed now pay $160 for a new phone!! why should a caller have to pay for *** merchandise that you guys failed to fix the first time. My screen had a shortage and went all black but not before turning the main screen into all "static" look. I have ruined and dropped plenty of phones in my day which I have no problem admitting to cracking a screen or dropping a phone in a toilet. Those are things I will pay for. NOT rubbish sent to my by your dept. To conclude I asked the rep to let me speak to someone else that could help me like a supervisor and she said no one else could help me. So I asked to be put into billing where I could cancel my policy. When I asked to speak to a supervisor in billing I was put on hold for another almost 30 mins then sent to a ring tone for about another 10 until I gave up and disconnected. I wonder why you guys don't have supervisors that can come to a line sooner? That seems to be a problem I am looking for a resolution to this matter as quickly as possible. The best way to reach me is via email since my cell phone is out of use currently Thank you.


So it sounds like your card expired and you didn't update your information. Ok.

Did you not check your bank statements and see if all your monthly charges were accurate?

If other companies informed you they had an expired card on file, I would say that is awesome of them. But ultimately it's your responsibility as a consumer to keep track of your finances and update your information.