Phoenix, Arizona

So I bought an LG LED TV at Best Buy. I had to return it because it was defective. They told me for "security reasons" they had to mail me a check for the refund. Talked it over, tried to see if there was any other option, there was apparently not. OK, that sucks but guess I have no choice, the girl said it would take about a week and if I call Best Buy customer care they'll be able to give me a tracking number for the check.

Well, I called Best Buy customer care today and talked to five different people. They told me no less than five different things:

It could take up to 2 weeks, 10 days, 3 weeks, a month to get it.

It was shipped USPS, and you can't track USPS. Really, 'cause I've gotten delivery confirmation for my USPS packages and letters before.

It was shipped through a third party shipper called Pilot. And their tracking numbers aren't available to the public. And no, we can't look them up here either.

"So I have to wait 3 weeks, and if I don't get the check, call you back?"


Awesome, Best Buy, I will never be shopping in your stores or on your website again. I can understand why you issue a check if it's over a certain amount and you pay a certain way (not on a credit card) but there is no reason in the world why I should have to wait 3 weeks for my money when you have the merchandise in your hands.

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