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March 22,2013 My daughter purchased a TomTom Start Gps from Best Buy for a total price of $127.19 for my birthday. I did not know there was a window of 15 days to return an item.I tried to return the GPS on April 13,2013 Best Buy refused to give me the money or store credit.I am now stuck with a GPs that I neither want or can use.

I am sure if the item had been purchased from any other store there would have been no problem in the return.Best Buy wonders why they are losing customers and having to close stores? Best Buy..You have lost me and my family as customers.

We will go to a store that has a better return policy!

Monetary Loss: $127.

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My recommendation would be to try and sell it on Craigslist for a reduced price or re-gift it to a friend or relative. Hopefully you'll have some luck.

I get what everyone else is saying about it being the purchaser's or gift recipient's responsibility, blah, blah, blah. Personally I've heard of people having better luck with returns at Wal Mart, even electronics. I don't know what Target's electronics return policy is. I also purchased a GPS from Best Buy to drive my parents up North from Florida.

I never used the GPS and checked my receipt expecting a 30-day return policy. It was only roughly two and a half months ago that Best Buy changed their policy, so don't give me the "everyone has a 15-day electronics return policy." I'll probalby give the GPS to my niece or nephew and write it off as a learning experience. I never liked Best Buy. I once went in to buy a phone and both the salesman and the cashier gave me such a hard time about not buying some warranty.

I never went back into the store until I saw that the GPS I wanted was on sale.

Now I will avoid that place altogether. All of you who think they're great, it's good that you've had good experiences.


Elaine, I agree with you.After my bad experience, I tell everyone I know about it and post on various blogs about it. Bad service and changing the return policy without advertising such makes one not trust that chain of stores. Eventually the store will hire knowledgable rep's and step up to the plate or close up shops.


Stores like BB usually have their return policy posted in the store somewhere, and always on the receipts. I never pay any attention to what any employee tells me...

what counts is what's in writing.

You should always check the policy because guess what... it can change.


Everyone says the return policy is on the receipt. Well a little late at that point.

Did the sales rep or cashier point out that "Hey our return policy has recently changed". I highly doubt it.


Let me get this strait: It's the stores fault you didn't know the return policy? Sounds like this complaint is pretty invalid.


The customer is always right. What are you Simon? A Communist?

@the Man

The customer is wrong most of the time


did you really have to post this twice? just give it back to your daughter and tell her that she gave you a *** gift. it's not like you paid for it.


My daughter owns her own business and every one of her customers are very important to her,if one has a complaint,she tries her best to work with the customer and come up with a solution that both are happy with.Best Buy obviously does not care about their customers or they would not have so many complaints. Best Buy needs to realize that without their custmers,they will cease to exist.


Well that true but when I purchased my camera I ask the sales clerk what the return policy was e said 30 days so I didn't give it a thought to lockstep the receipt I couldn't get my money back but that is oat I won't buy fromthemagain I've spent alot of money there won't no more


Always look at the return policy posted in the store, or printed on your receipt, that's what counts for the purchase you are making. If your receipt says 30 days and they change it to 15 days right after you bought it, they still have to honor what's written on your particular receipt. NEVER rely on what a store employee tells you.


Tom, ESPECIALLY A Best Buy store employee, they are all clueless.


Most stores have a 30-90 day return policy and then after the 90 days will often give a store credit. It just seems that Best Buy would have better business sense because this practice will cost them a lot of customers and their customers is what keeps them in business.


If you think that then u are a ***. EVERY reatailer has a 15 day return policy on electronics. Research before opening your mouth.


I just returned an item to Walmart after 6 weeks, no questions, full refund. And they have complaints too, however they are good at trying to satisfy their customers and look at their business.

It is thriving. My item was a Microwave, still it was an easy return. I can order items on line that aren't in the store, and they WILL take them back at the store. Unlike Best Buy who makes you deal with on line phone numbers and return the item at your expense.

I quests I could go on and on, it feels good to vent.

But I'll spare you all. ,)


Ha I did the research and your comment about "EVERY reatailer has a 15 day return policy on electronics" is wrong. - so take your own advice.

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