Louisville, Kentucky

March 22,2013 My daughter purchased a TomTom Start Gps from Best Buy for a total price of $127.19 for my birthday. I did not know there was a window of 15 days to return an item.I tried to return the GPS on April 13,2013 Best Buy refused to give me the money or store credit.I am now stuck with a GPs that I neither want or can use.

I am sure if the item had been purchased from any other store there would have been no problem in the return.Best Buy wonders why they are losing customers and having to close stores? Best Buy..You have lost me and my family as customers.

We will go to a store that has a better return policy!

Monetary Loss: $127.

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All stores have a 15 day return policy you retard, not their fault you cannot read the back of the receipt or choose not to.


All stores do not have a 15 day return policy retard. Maybe you should learn to read yourself!

You do not reserve the right to talk to people like this, but since you opened the book.... pay no mind to this ***....you buy food, eat the food, body gets mineral and vitamins from the food, then you *** the food...some people think *** then they speak *** t because they ain't worth a *** Have a wonderful day....


BestBuy is just finding another way to rip people off. I would strongly recommend amazon or some other source for making purchases. I will never buy a single thing from BestBuy again.


why don't you blame you daughter for buying you something that you won't use? can't blame Best Buy for you taking your daughters gift and letting it sit around for weeks.


The customer is always right

@the Man

Ha, not when they are demanding to change the rule or scam the company. In this case the child I mean customer is wrong.


I hate *** people, When I buy birthday or Christmas presents I often buy a month in advance. To defend a policy like Best Buy has and criticize his daughter for not buying something her dad would want is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

Are you trying to say that every gift you give is the perfect gift for that person, or is it that you simply do not give gifts?

You are an ***. :(


The dad admitted to threatening to disown his daughter because he disliked the gift on another is that good parenting or whatÉ


That was threatened retard get out of your fantasy world...you are just simply an arrogant rude *** caught up in your demeanor lmao


won't let me retun a $600 mac mini thats pristine -__- :(


I will never buy at BEST BUY ever.

Their pricing is not something special good, several items are cheaper at other places.

Their exchange policy is redicules.

I bought a wrong headphone from BOSE and returned it, not knowing that my wife bought the same one.

Within three days of the purchase I went to BEST buy to return the item. With their 15 days exchange policy they are already below market, however in this case not the date of the exchqane purchase was the base, they went back to the original first purchase and told me that I am out of the 15 days. Orignally packed never open.

no store credit.

More the manager said:

I can not exchange the items till the customer like his purchase!

Customer statisfaction is not the traget of BEST BUY. Their service is weak and now this

Good buy BEST BUY and watch out if you buy something. I prefer COSTCO.


it's printed on the receipt. you can't blame best buy because you are illiterate.

learn to read! take personal responsibility. you are projecting your own incompetence. this goes for anyone who is upset about this.

who cares if you got it as a gift or didn't open the box after 15 days. not best buy's problem!


someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed


You are an ***. And when you aren't employed by them and get ripped off by a business you'll see. Read other posts about reading receipts AFTER purchase.


You cleared nothing up...most places offer a 30 day return policy...people in the real world deal with real world circumstances such as school activities, work, illnesses and important duties...so 15 days does not allow sufficient amount of time for circumstances that can arrive that will delay returns...therefore, bestbuy should work with customers in making life less stressful for people in the real world! Without a voice there will be no change. Allow these people an opportunity to correct the system bestbuy uses by voicing their discouragement so that bestbuy can continue forward with their doors to remain open!


Doesn't matter what most places do. Best Buy has a 15 day return policy and that is clearly spelled out on their receipt and on large signs at checkout.


Maybe they should rename the company from "Best Buy" to "Worst Return Policy." I faced a similar experience when trying to return something, never expecting that the time limit would not be at least 30 days. Do any other companies have such a short, restrictive return policy as Best Buy?

Some companies even allow returns way beyond 30 days. How does Best Buy expect to remain competitive with companies who offer a longer return period? For example, Radio Shack proudly advertises its "30-Day Money-Back Guarantee" on it's homepage. You certainly don't see Best Buy proudly lauding its 15 day return policy.

I have to buy an external hard drive today, and no way will I go to Best Buy.


Okay, I have to point this out again ... So I buy an item, put it on one of my Credit Cards.

I do this purposely to have another paper trail. I get my receipt. Oh NO, you changed your returns,to 15 days, so it says on my receipt. I don't want this now.

So, they say go to customer service. Well guess what, your money is now tied up for 4-7 BUSINESS days. They take your money instantly, but you must wait for the refund. Imagine that.

How nice. So PLEASE stop saying to look at your receipt! The point is,their customer service SUCKS!

Period. Changing their return policy was SNEAKY, the way it was handled.


i know this is an old post but i had to comment. it's the BANK or CC company that has your money tied up and NOT the retailers that are holding it. you really should learn about these things before making such comments.


I also had a bad experience when i went to return the item after 20 days. In my case even the receipt was not printed properly due to bad ink.

We could not even see the date when we purchased and the return policy.They could show any plcae where they had displayed the change of policy. They neither refunded, exchanged or even gave store credit.

I felt that such a practice is deceptive.

I felt cheated. I have decided not to go to BB again.

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