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Update by user Jun 10, 2013

Since Best (Worst) Buy couldn't fix my laptop, although they offered to send it out and charging me if the other service center couldn't fix it, I got a return of my money on that "Geek Squad" warranty, after a bunch of emails back and forth, they refunded the money for the extra warranty. Imagine that!

That was over the 15 days!

But they wouldn't refund for the product! The Company SUCKS beware, DO NOT buy from them, especially the extended warranty, it is worthless.

Update by user May 11, 2013

I purchased the unit ON LINE, other company's have a 30 day return policy. I guess Best Buy has to be 15 days they are such a Worst Buy company.

If only the unit became defective a few days earlier ! I mean really !

Original review posted by user May 10, 2013

Not knowing there was a 15 day return policy, it is not stated anywhere during the purchase processing, I purchased an Asus notebook. Turns out it is defective and a well-known issue on the internet at HelpOwl and others, also with various service reps at Asus.

The notebook just turns off, no warning just black screen and it is off. I have done this and that as the service reps at Asus have suggested. NOTHING works. One person waited 4 months and they sent him a replacement that did the same thing!

Best Buy refuses to honor my $1,377.+ purchase. I said I would buy another laptop from them ... they don't care. Geek Squad doesn't know how to fix the problem nor does Asus.

I will NEVER-EVER purchase from this lousy company again.

There were rumors of them closing stores. I hope they go out of business.

Monetary Loss: $1377.

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Okay, if you have any questions about the return policy, you should ASK the cashier who is ringing you up what the return policy is. On almost everything in the store, the policy is 15 days, but if you are a Reward Zone Silver Member, it is 60 days, I believe. Now, 15 days is PLENTY of time to determine whether or not you like/want the item.

If you don't know the return policy or you forgot to ask when someone was ringing you up, you have a multitude of resources to FIND that policy. First, you can call the store you bought it from and ask what their return policy is. They will more than likely politely tell you, "15 days for standard returns, 60 days for Reward Zone Silver Members." If you choose not to call the store, you can go to Best Buy's website, and there will be a place right on their website where you can look up their return policy at any time. There are also brochures that discuss the return policy in front of almost all of the registers in any Best Buy store, so you can grab one as you are paying for the product. If you need another resource, you can call 1-888-BESTBUY and they will also politely tell you that the return policy is "15 days for standard returns, 60 days for Reward Zone Silver Members."

There are all kinds of ways for you to obtain a copy of the Best Buy return policy, so you cannot say that the store never provided you with a copy. They are RIGHT THERE at the registers for your taking. If you choose to take one, that's another matter altogether. The store also has its return policy printed on the very bottom of the receipt, so you can look there as well.

If you bought the Geek Squad Protection, it shouldn't matter whether the product is within the return policy or not. It only matters that the GSP has not expired yet. If it has, and you've chosen not to renew it, that's not Best Buy's fault. If it is still within the amount of coverage specified by the GSP terms, then they are obligated to do something for you, but only to the extent that they can. They can only do whatever their policy allows them to do.


Sharenep, So they did offer to help, funny you forgot to mention that. It is a policy that if they cant replicate the problem, BB can't fix it.

Kind of like a car mechanic not being able to fix the problem when the car isn't doing the issue in front of him. Your issue should be with the manufacture. The extended warranty is if you drop, spill something on, crack the screen that type of thing. Once again it shows your lack of responsibility in buying something you have no idea what is without being educated.

It's your product and your money, ask questions. Maybe you'd be a little less disappointed in BB if you did your research. As for you being unemployed (and what it has to do with your computer), it's a shame you'd rather see thousands of people out of work because of your laziness and ignorance.

My guess is these qualities you have are the reason you don't have a job. Best of luck to you.

@CSA=abuse me

Why do you think I am lazy? Why do you call me ignorant?

You dont know me. Because I trusted Best Buy? Did you click on my link? It may be erased already, as they don't like them.

When I rec'd my final call from Geek Squad is when I placed that post about expecting more money when the other Geek Squad center couldn't replicate. Of course I don't want people out of work. But since they don't know how to fix computers they should move on to something that suits their qualifications. As to my unemployment, it has to do with a HORRIFIC car accident that was NOT my fault but rather a Drunk's fault.

Why are you defaming my character? Nothing better to do? See, you must be at work, supposedly fixing other computers at Geek Sqad. But you rather make assumptions and do name calling.

You silly person. Read other's complaints on here about Best Buy. Do you think it is just myself? Go do something useful with your life, while you have it.

I posted to let others know what to expect when you purchase electronics from Best Buy, why does that bother you? I've said nothing false, is that what bothers you? Get a grip, get a life.

Enough said to you little person. I am no longer wasting my time with you.


Bottom line, you take no responsibility for educating yourself about products and policies. It's ok for you to wish thousands of people out work because of your unfortunate purchase (which you did state in the original post.) and call others *** but it's not ok for anyone to confront you and your irrational behavior?

Sorry about your accident but I think you anger is misplaced. I would have responded earlier but I was at work fixing computers and getting hugs, high 5's, tears of thankfulness and compliments on such wonderful service in such a tough job.

Just a thought, if we were so terrible and inadequate, why have our stocks doubled? Best of luck to you.

@CSA=abuse me

Here is something else for you and all the Pro Best Buy people to read AND consider: screw-blue dot com. And a must read are the comments as well.

This about explains everything.


The manufacturer has a 1 year warranty and the Geek Squad should send it off to the service center under this warranty. If the service center is unable to fix it, they may approve an exchange under the manufacturer's warranty.

It is typically a 3 to 4 week turn around to get your computer back if they are able to repair it. Good Luck!!


Never buy phones from BEST BUY...they do not price match. And yes, customer service is horrible.

Even the acting manager couldn't explain why they don't price match. He just said, "It's a new policy" How am I supposed to know? Read fine prints on my receipt...found no explanation. COMPARE PRICES ONLINE WITH OTHER PHONE COMPANIES BEFORE SHOPPING...BETTER YET...CALL TO DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE LEAVING YOUR HOUSE.



Never purchase anything from best buy especially a unknown brand you can find good quality notebooks at any other discount store and they will be name brands. Consider this a lesson learned.

@best buy ***ks

You're right, unfortunately an expense lesson learned.

@best buy ***ks

Asus is a well known brand of computers. Asus actually makes many parts for computers that are used by other brands/companies such as HP.


Mary, where did you get your information about ASUS products. I haven't found that. I am surprised with my model having many returns with the "shutting off" issue that they haven't taken steps to resolve it.


Asus is overpriced and overrated Cr@p!!!


"Not knowing there was a 15 day return policy"

Who's fault is that? Best Buy's? It's on the back of the receipt and on a big sign by customer service. That is more than most stores do to make their customers aware of their return policy. Did you even ask anyone about the return policy before you bought it? Stop blaming the store for your own laziness.

You hope they go out of business? You really want to see hundreds of thousands of people unemployed? Nice. I hope to see you unemployed.


I bought ON-LINE, I was never made aware of the 15 day. Else where it is 30 days.

Further, I fell a few days over the 15 days. I guess if it defected a couple days earlier all would have been well. AND you id#@t, the store is to blame! Their customer service is AWFUL.

The repair service is awful. Yes those people could go to work for a reputable business. And, bye-the-bye I am unemployed, but that is another rant for another website.

Why are you anonymous? Afraid of something?


It's unfortunate that your laptop was a lemon. However, I think you forgot to mention that customer service offered to send it out for service under the manufactures warranty.

Is it an inconvenience, yes but it's a solution. It nice to know that you take no responsibility in finding out what the policy is before such a large purchase. If you buy a car, don't you ask what the warranty is and what's covered?

Sorry, to hear about you being unemployed, but not surprised. Try getting a job in customer service somewhere so you'll have an idea what it's like to have to deal with customers like yourself.

@CSA=abuse me

CSA= abuse me, I totally agree with what you said. I know for fact that best buy will offer to send it out for service under manufacturer's warranty, or (if the manufacturer's warranty servicing is not handled by geek squad) they WILL refer you to the company who does handle such claims.

I see it day in and day out- pissed consumers calling in to phone support because they "didn't know" about a company policy. Well, did you ask? Of course not! You just assume it is the poor blue shirt's job to explain every minute detail of all things concerning YOUR purchase.

UGH. Quit being so damned self-entitled and lazy..

Do your research before you make a purchase. Maybe then you won't get your panties in a bunch.


Do some research, Target, Walmart, sears and every other retailer has a 15 day return policy on there electronics.


I just took a Microwave back for full refund to Walmart after 6 weeks, NO PROBLEM! This was at the beginning of May.


You dumb ***. They always had a 30day return policy and when i purchased my tv there were no signs and the sales person did not tell me they changed it to 15 days.

This was a week after they changed to the new 15 day policy. My tv went out on day 17.

This tells me why they have a 15 day policy now. If you do not sell products and stand behind them for 30 days that means your study on the products you sell usually have trouble within 30days, but make it past 15 days