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Best buy has a 30 day return policy. I tried returning a dvd to the store in Joliet.

I was told because it was purchased more than 30 days ago it could not be returned. The dvd was still in the original wrapper and the security strips had not been broken. The Joliet store manager told us again about the 30 day return policy and told us we had no recourse but to keep it. Circuit City has the same 30 day return policy except during Christmas.

I can understand why these types of companies are going under.

I will look elsewhere in the future.....

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however the return policy applies to you too!

Policies are enforced unilaterally to everybody to ensure fairness. If you are unable to adhere to a written and posted return policy I suggest you stop buying things.


30 days is just that.. sell the movie to a friend or a used dvd / cd shop


The issue is not neccessarily the 30 day policy... 30 days, with a receipt, pretty simple and not a big deal.

I think the bigger issue here is the restocking fee and the fact that you have to wait for a refund check. Who does business that way?

It a rip off and it's wrong, and most other stores have a "no hassell" return policy so why go through that kind of grief when you don't have to? The worst part is that they are not up front about everything.


These people obviously are kissing best buy ***. Perhaps if best buy extended the 30 day policy then maybe they'd get better customers.


Rules are made for a reason. However with some people for some reason, they feel rules are not for them to follow. The rules are made for someone else....not me.

If it takes 30 days to figure out you do not want the are too slow


I agree Really, this person is "Ralph Wiggims" special.



That whole 30 day thing... That's for everyone else...

But for YOU... You deserve a "whenever you get around to it" policy.

You're "special"


What dont consumers understand nowadays!?! Everytime you walk into a Best Buy its very clear that all items the customer has 30 days to return it for a full refund!

Not 31 days or 34 just 30! Why do people still feel they are above rules and try to weasel their way into getting away with things like this?


Yeah, you pay for a new item and you get an open box. That seems to be a Best Buys pattern...sell open boxes, when items are returned, claim they were opened by the customer and presto, 15% restocking fee.

No sale, but soak the poor sap customer for 15% for not buying anything! The corporate guys should be given a bonus.

I recently (12/14/08) purchased 2 digital cameras. BOTH did not have the clear tape seal on them. On 12/26/08, I went to return one of them and presto!

there will be a 15% restocking fee. How convenient and fraudulent. Forget the issue about whether or not the box was opened by the customer. The real issue here is that Best Buy is selling unsealed boxes and they never have to worry about determining if the customer opened the box.

Of course they did...see no seal! Brilliant ploy to sock it to the customer.

I have mede many purchases at Best Buy, but after today, that will never happen. I plan on spreading the bad news, the fraudulent and illegal (yes, illegal) activities that Best Buy practices.


I agree with most of the people on here. If the poliyc is 30 days than it just means that.

Why would they take it back after 30 days? Knowing that you should have returned it before the deadline.....Helllo0ooooo?


What part of 30 day return policy do you not understand?


How old are you anyway six? Do you really expect a different set of rules for you than others.

I am sure they are happy that they don't have to deal with such an *** as a customer. I am sure that once they read your reply in the Julliet store they will have a big party because they don't ever have to deal with you again.

Sally I like your comments, both of us are not afraid to tell it like it is.


i'm not *** what you think, no computer compatible in your magicjack, please sent me your complete address to return this stuff


The 30 day return policy is just that... a 30 day return policy.

Let's just say that you held onto something for 31 days. You've gone 1 day past their policy limit. Even if it is sealed. Too bad!

You're the *** for not going in earlier to return it.

Best Buy should be posting a complaint about YOU and how they had to deal with an ***. Have a great day!

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