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To Whom It May Concern:

On 10/8/2010, my husband purchased an Apple iPad and various accessories for me as a birthday gift. After opening it and trying it out & I didn't feel that it was the type of device I was looking for, or could make practical use. I called the store at 847-406-3914 on 10/13/2010, after reading the policy on the reverse of the receipt, going to www.bestbuy.com & reading the same information, I then spoke to a Geek Squad member at the store. I explained my circumstances, and the female said I wouldn't have a problem with the return/refund. I had the original receipt from my husband & went to the store with every piece purchased and proper working order. Everyone was very helpful and I was able to accomplish the return & exchange. Until another Geek Squad member came up to the register to explain the Restocking Fee of $75.00 that would NOT be refunded.

Being with my two young kids, and getting close to their bedtime, I continued with the transaction, as was. The Restocking Fee is described as "15% for notebook computers". The iPad is a Tablet PC, not a notebook computer. It has NO keyboard and is configured for output & input, unlike a notebook. Even on your website, (www.bestbuy.com), notebook computers & Tablet PC's are in different categories, so how can they be the same when classifying it for a fee, but not a product search? The policy also indicates "10% Restocking Fee for iPhones". But nowhere does it say anything about Apple products in general or that this restocking fee encompasses the iPad. Not printed on the receipt, available on the web-site, or told to me personally when I called the store. Had I known I may have kept the gift.

Today is 10/14/2010, I spoke to Tony, the manager at the Gurnee store who said he was "new" to the job and unsure about the policy, but couldn't do anything. Even if not refunding the money in cash or credit to our Debit MC, a store credit would seem fair, even 10% would seem more fair considering the receipt states the fee for iPhones.

Tony gave me the 1-888-237-8289(BESTBUY) number to speak to someone about filing a complaint with corporate, because as he said there was nothing he could do, there was no override & the system was designed that way. When I spoke to a male representative around 1:10pm CST for nearly 25 minutes, he explained there was no way out of the fee. Arguing they were the same (a notebook & a tablet) and regardless, because it is an Apple product, I wouldn't be refunded anything more. I asked to speak to someone else, he explained that no one would answer any differently & my "complaint" was being "taken".

I don't see why it would be so hard to print an addendum, alter the existing receipts or web-site even to cover the gray area here. I should not have to pay $75 because I received a gift I wasn't fully satisfied with; especially returning it within the specified range (14 days), calling ahead to Geek Squad, also having the original receipt & all accompanying accessories.

I do not appreciate the tactics used to persuade me to "give-up" on this matter, as stated by Best Buy employees, ("You're not gonna win this battle"). He seemed more eager to debate and argue than resolve the issue or bring any clarity to why the Restocking Fee for the iPad wasn't clearly specified. He did say because it was a new product, "maybe" the paperwork hadn't caught up.

Why should I have to pay for this oversight? As I said, this was a gift! After reading the receipt back, I didn't hesitate to open it and try it because it was returnable with a full refund. Please correct this omission of a clear definition of how the iPad, or Apple products in general sold by Best Buy, are treated in the return/refund/exchange policy.

I hope something can be done to make me more comfortable with continuing to shop at Best Buy. This experience has left me unsettled.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I can be reached at:(contact info.)

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Not to be rude but who in their right mind thinks they can buy an item use it and return it without a restocking fee. It is a used item.

They can't sell it at the regular price any more so how can you return it at the regular price. Well at some places you can return an item if it is used. My dad bougt a DVD recorder. I used it a couple times.

It turned out he wanted one with a VCR also. We put everything back and taped it up and returned it. They didn't even check the inside.

We could have returned anything. That was around the same size or weight.


Best Buy is not a free rental store. A NEW item was purchased and a USED item was returned. The value of the item is no longer the same. That is why you have to absorb the cost of Best Buy reselling that item at a discounted price. Do you think Best Buy should have to take a loss on that item?

You don't get to try out high end electronics and return them just because you aren't "satisfied". They need to be unopened or have some kind of a manufacturing defect. The restocking fee is put in place to prevent people from buying high end items, using them, and returning them for a full refund...like what you tried to do.

Your argument about tablet pc vs notebook computer is meaningless. It's like saying that the rules should be different for cell phones and smart phones. They are very similair items that fall under the same rules. You are just trying to weasel your way out of the fee on a technicality. No dice.

Bottom line: You devalued an item and then returned it. Best Buy is making you pay for the value that item has lost.

This Guy

Also, as a general rule, they can override the price on ANYTHING in store, whether it be directly or indirectly. Here's what I mean:

DIRECTLY: Taking $100 of a TV to price match

INDIRECTLY: Charging you full price for the same TV but giving you a $100 gift card.

This works for EVERYTHING in the store and if they are saying anything otherwise, they are misleading you. There are some things they cannot change the prices on, which is why the indirect method exists.


Just an FYI, they CAN override the restocking fee. I worked there for 6 years and know the rules.

They just choose NOT to because they have to re-sell the product at a 10% discount because it is an opened item (there is the secret to them obtaining 5% free money on all open/returned items following those criteria.) They would have gladly waived the fee if you came in and said you'd like to exchange it for something of equal price. It's all about money to them.

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