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I never gave Best Buy the authorization to renew software but last year they did renew one that cost me $43.07. I called to cancel and they put me through a bunch of steps but 25 minutes later I thought that I got it taken care of. Today... a year later the same charge showed up. I got pissed... I tried to call the company this morning... and got the initial lady who said I had to talk to software renewals... she transferred me and 65 minutes later no one was on the phone. I called back in the afternoon and after 47 minutes they finally got me someone. I had to argue and tell them that I had taken the program off my computer a year ago after I told them that I do not want the renewal charge.

Best buy does not deserve my business with customer service like this. I don't believe that they cancelled my service even now so I am going down to the bank and change accounts so that they can not continue to steal from me in the future.

I used to like Best Buy and their customer service....NO LONGER... We are parting ways.

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I have the same problem


When you sign up for the antivirus it will automatically renew read the terms and conditions before you complain or sign anything


Can you be a little more specific with what software your complaint is in regards to? I am unaware of any software that has a recurring payment system with best buy. Are you sure you called the right number?


it was probably kaspersky. BB will renew this charge yearly if you don't cancel it. If you renew with kasspersky and pay them directly, BB will still charge you!


Best Buy no longer has customer service. At least none that is worthy of the name "customer service." They are now the WalMart of customer service, ie., ***

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