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I bought an ASUS laptop, fairly expensive for school and personal use on-line from Best Buy. After 2 weeks i started having problems with it - intermittently shutting down on its own, non-responsive mouse, blue screen, and finally a fatal disk error. The fourth week i brought it into the Vallejo, California store to exchange it but it was "over 14 days" and was told by the manager, Max S, that it would be repaired but not exchanged nor given store credit for another type. not very satisfactory since i'd barely used it for 4 weeks and already having problems. Since i could not complete assignments i had to withdraw from school (for now) which did not set particularly well with me, but they were very clear about their policy.

After about a week i was called to pick it up and to bring in my 'recovery disk'. well i did not have it because i had tried to load the disk (backup/recovery) but the computer would quit half way through and despite numerous attempts with different disks was unsuccessful. when i went the next day to pick it up and told them i did not have the recovery disk and why i didn't, i was chastised for not having it(???)and for not bringing it in earlier for them to load it on my laptop!

They then informed me that they would not load the operationg system on it (which i had paid for to be on the laptop) and i would have to go through ASUS to get it. i was told it would probably cost me to get it. I stated that i expected my laptop to have everything that had originally been on it when i bought it and they said it wasn't their issue. it was between me and ASUS and they had done their part! Really? did i not give the money to Best Buy? I did not purchase it from ASUS direct but from Best Buy expecting them to take care of their customer. Apparently i misunderstood what 'customer service' is. i refused to accept it until it was back to the original condition i paid for just 6 weeks ago. the manager, Max S, said "fine, we'll hold it for you" and walked away.

I am appalled by how poorly Best Buy treated a customer. You would expect that since their new computer had *** out on me within a month and were also aware of the impact it had on my schooling, they would be interested in providing good customer care. Instead, they could care less. I plan on writing to their corporation to see if i will get any response. If not i will certainly never buy their products again and will make it my mission to bad-mouth Best Buy at every opportunity.

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Most computers don't come with recovery discs. Thats why it's recommended that people burn them prior to playing with them just in case. I believe geek squad also offers this service.

And normally colleges have libraries, know, have computers to do school work on it....For, obviously...Students who don't have money to throw at a laptop.

I agree with D'oh....


Computers normally don't come with recovery discs. So it's recommended people create the recovery discs ASAP just in case this happens....I believe geek squad people offer that service too.

Either way, why would you drop classes? Doesn't that college have a library....? With, you know, computers, for....Well obviously, the college students.

Or maybe not...Cause that would just make too much sense


Following up on my previous reply, I know you might be wondering, "How did a NEW computer come with a faulty hard drive or RAM?" The answer is simple. Asus, Dell, HP...

it doesn't matter who built the computer, they did not build the hard drive or RAM, and more importantly, THEY DID NOT TEST IT.

They assume that the company that made the hard drive (whether that's Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, etc) or RAM (Kingston, Crucial, etc) tested it. In that respect, REFURBISHED parts are often more reliable than new parts, because Asus (or Dell, HP, Gateway, etc) is required by law to run certain stress tests on the rebuilt part before they can certify it as Refurbished.


I'm in agreement with Nikalseyn. You were not clear on what happened to the recovery DVD.

Did you throw it away because you assumed that just because it stopped halfway through, that the DVD must be bad?

In any case, a replacement DVD is available from Asus for $30 (which is FAR less than what it would cost to buy a new copy of the software that came with your system).

I'm also in agreement with @anon... as a Dell-certified field technician and an A+ certified computer technician with 20 years of experience, I can say that the problem you had was probably a defective hard drive, or RAM (or even both).


Well, you are an ***. You obviously don't know how computer work or what goes in to troubleshooting them.

From what you were describing it sounds like a defective hard drive or RAM. Not that I expect you know what either of those are. Next time, but from or just get a Mac.

*** consumer. For the record, I am A+ Certified and have over 10 years experience in my field, so I know what I am talking about.


So you're upset that you're not the exception to the rule, of the 14 day, no-questions-asked return policy? Also, if you would have purchased the service plan that Best Buy sells, you wouldn't have had this problem. Also, I'd be more upset that the manufacturer's warranty wouldn't honor the issue, seeing as they made the product -- not Best Buy.

It sounds like everything you're complaining about is the fact that you didn't think anything through about the major purchase you made, and whether it'd be worth protecting it. Seeing as you're in school, you should have gone "oh, a protection plan? I probably need that."

Then, you wouldn't have had to drop out of classes. Again, your lack of common sense, not a lack on the person/company who sold it to you.


So what happened to your recovery disk?? You are rather unclear about this. You can get a recovery disk from ASUS for a nominal fee and either take it to BadBuy to install the OS or do it yourself since they claim the computer is now "fixed." You really cannot blame BadBuy for your not completing the repair when they specifically told you to bring in the recovery disk.