Phoenix, Arizona

On Black Friday 2010 I purchased a computer package special from Best Buy located in Gilbert Arizona store numbeer 1189. At checkout the register clerk suggested we purchase specially priced software for the computer, Microsoft Word 2010.

I told the clerk that the computer was a gift for my son and that i did not know if he needed Word software. She said that it was a very good price if purchased with the computer and that it would be completely refundable if he did not want or need it. As it turned out my son Mike had Microsoft Word that he could install on the new computer and did not need the product.

I just returned from the store, I spoke the the asst manager on duty, he told me it was a non refundable product and that I could not obtain a refund for my unopened software, so I am out over eighty dollars, WITH NO RECOURSE. May the employees of Best Buy be treated by others like they treated me

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Manager.

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As long as it's not open, then it is 100% refundable.

If it's open then you own it.

The manager may try to use the fact that Microsoft now uses product key cards instead of CDs in most cases. These ring up like phone cards.

Phone cards are not returnable.

But this is actually software, not a phone card, so it is returnable. As long as the back hasn't been opened.


Sounds like the manager should have explained their return policy more clearly. Most retailers that sell computer software will not return opened product for a cash refund because the real value of the product is not on the CD or DVD itself but rather in the product access code or key that comes in the box.

Once the box is open, how is the retailer to know that the key was not copied?

That is why they will either refund in full for an unopened product or swap out the disc if you claim it is defective. I'm sorry you are stuck with a product you do not need, but you probably shouldn't have opened it before you knew whether or not your son would use it.

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