Ivyland, Pennsylvania
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It all began when I tried to buy the top of the line Samsung refrigerator with all the bells and whistles including Soda Stream from the Bestbuy in Oxford Valley, PA. I learned when they tried to deliver it that it won't fit in a std 32 inch doorway.

Salesman never asked about door size. Delivery guys took it back. I Lost a day of work...Bestbuy manager Ryan then told me delivery guys were wrong and that they simply needed to remove the doors from the refrigerator and it would fit no problem. Different delivery guys come after I reorder the fridge and u guessed it...it really doesn't fit.

Another lost day of work...So now I'm told manager Ryan no longer works there and now I'm dealing w manager Mike (nice enough guy who tried to help). So now I order a fridge 2 sizes smaller which I'm assured will fit-manager Mike having measured it. U know what happened next...this would be funny if this was an episode of some practical joke show... But it's not.

It's how these clowns run their business. The 3rd delivery guys come and after much effort since the truck had no lift, they get it on the ground with the sound of the metal on the fridge scratching the street. But I just want the fridge so badly I ignored it and would have accepted it damaged. But here's the punch line...one of the delivery guys tells me that I have to take the door to my house off for him to bring the refrigerator inside.

He says they won't do it and that I have to do it myself because that's their policy. Assuming that it would be possible for me to take the door off myself without damaging it ordinarily would be ridiculous anyway, but unfortunately I have a physical condition which makes it impossible for me to do anything like that at this time. I'm in the real estate business and I have bought a lot of appliances from plenty of different places but I can honestly say that my experience at Best Buy has been the worst overall of any of any of them. My advice is not to waste your time with Best Buy for any reason and simply to go with the smaller local supplier who has greater control over the delivery and where the sales people are more knowledgeable.

Bottom line – I have no refrigerator, I've lost three days of work and I had to go to the Best Buy store more than once and to try to sort this out. I should add that I had brought my wife to Best Buy the week prior to and spent over $5000 in a single purchase. So it's not like I've never spent any money at Best Buy. I went to Best Buy thinking that what I would get was a good customer experience and that it would be worth using them instead of just using Amazon or some cheaper online supplier.

Boy was I wrong. I believe that one of the reasons Best Buy is closing stores right and left and having difficulty competing with online suppliers such as Amazon is simply that they're not very good at what they do. I tried to buy a refrigerator that cost about $2500. But unfortunately due to incompetence they put an end to that.

So there really aren't any winners here. Best Buy has spent plenty of money trying to deliver an item they can't figure out how to get into my house. They've lost my business on this and anything else that I ever buy. I've lost three days of work and the time spent going to Best Buy on three separate occasions plus gas money and aggravation- Which at this point is substantial.

The kind of disasterous customer experience I have had with Best Buy leads me to believe that their brick-and-mortar operation will be closed at some point anyway. Don't waste your time or money with these idiots-it's just not worth it. There are plenty of other places that will treat you well and offer a customer experience and service Best Buy can't or won't.

If I had such a poor experience with Amazon at least I wouldn't have wasted all the time going back and forth to the store. Lesson learned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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But dey still open doe... wouldn't you just have to ship it back and forth to amazon?

You must just suck at life.

Why wouldn't you think to measure the doors lmao. Dumb...