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I would like to start off saying I have worked for this company for 3 years; in my early college years. When I first started working at BestBuy I was in Geek-Squad, (the real geek-squad) where you actually needed certifications to work.

there was no MRI, or Customizer at the time you actually needed to know how to work a computer, and be a geek. Now this is where I would like to warn the customers to never use Geek Squad services, it has come down to a bunch of high-school kids pushing buttons letting a program called MRI run all the Diagnostics & fixes for them. Now you might ask this is good, and saves time; well it's not and here's why.

1.) It's not stable or 100% accurate, yes they (or i should say MRI) might fix a simple issue but do not know anything about what's really going on in the machine, where software can't tell you.

2.) When you bring your machine into GeekSquad they will go through all your data I promise you and upload them to their flash drives if they find things they like. I have seen a lot of inappropriate pictures, and video's of customers engaging in "activities." My DCI at the time made it mandatory to watch and save these inappropriate files and show them to everyone; and laugh at customers behind their backs. Now you say i'll just delete that off my computer; don't be nieve they can still go and retrieve deleted data off your sectors. I know they still have not changed their way's because I tested their courtesy with a fluke laptop loaded with a bunch of junk; scripted a program to run a video recording in the background through a built-in webcam when they accessed inappropriate (folder specific) files on my machine & take a screen shot of what they were viewing. (keep in mind I did not ask for a data backup just a Diag, so they had no reason to go through anything to begin with.) I now know who these employees are and have video evidence.

3.) Employees aren't knowledgable about virus removal, in fact they will most likely make it worse. I had a buddy run another test with location 473 loaded a virus on his machine to see how effective and knowledgeable they really are. Now remember they use flash drives and external hard drives, and this specific virus was designed to jump to the flash drive and infect anything it gets plugged into. The very next day his machine was repaired and ready for pickup while the issue was no where near fixed; it was humorous to see 50 other angry people in line claiming they now have infections out of nowhere.

4.) 75% of the time the employees will not be able to solve a complicated computer issue and they will remotely plug into a service called Johhny Utah. This allows some (extremely underpaid, yet knowledgable) Indian I.T. guy to remotely access your machine and fix it off-site. Geek Squad always forgets to remove the remote files off your system; this is a great way to get your credit cards and bank info JAKED from some guy overseas (and then you can't do anything about it.) I've seen it happen to many customers; be warned.

5.) They will always try to up-sell you services that are not needed. They will claim it could effect your machine negatively if you don't; this is just strategic marketing in its own way; and VERY ILLEGAL may I add.

Now product wise BestBuy is great, they have a good selection and reasonable prices outside of sales. There return policy is pretty good as well. But keep in mind when you order electronics the shipping team in the back unloading the truck like to have fun and knock over mound of boxes that could ultimately damage equipment, but I guess that's okay they have a good return policy if it bonks out on you within 30 days.

The staff seems to be extremely unknowledgeable about their departments, especially Digi Cam's and PCHO (computers).

This is my fair warning to any customer. There will be a class-action law suit pending very soon so if you have been affected by any of what I mentioned contact me. I have been in touch with corporate. Store 473 needs a lock down and corporate suprivising immediately. Unfortunately my patience has ran out and now comes the legal action.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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They always make me have to send it off to some place. when they could have done it there!


So poorly written it makes you wonder how much is true -- BUT I recently cleaned up after the Geek Squad, and that moderates my doubt. The pseudo-geeks had removed a lot of PUPs, charging $100 (I would have done it easily with JRT for $20).

They left this laptop with the external mic -- which the owner badly needs -- not working, and no browser able to access the Internet. That's no way to earn respect.


False work at top 10 geeksquad in the country and nine of this is true were I work.. just flat out false!


WOW this is ***.. I currently work for the geek squad and i can honestly say that i have never done anything in the article above except using AJU (agent Johnny Utah) but my DCI doesn't let us use it anymore because it takes them to long to do the repairs.

All I'm saying is that geek squad doesn't treat its customers like that and if your store was doing all of this then it needs to get some new management and new employees. saying that all geek squads are like this is just a straight up lie.


I was a Geek Squad Agent for nearly 6 years and I can say that there was not one Geek Squad Agent like what he is explaining in our Precinct at the time of me working there. We all were highly protective of clients' data and would not allow Blue Shirts to go near any of the computers we were working on.

The Jonny Utah (he spelled it wrong) system is used when in store load is too high and to lower repair times, it's true. But the software is only temporary and is removed as part of the final steps in completing a Service Order. If this was not happening in this guy's Precinct, then they were not completing their jobs.

I can't say how other Geek Squad Precincts were, but as far as I know, most of the stuff this guy said was B.S.

PS: I have no reason to lie about this. Best Buy did fire me for being late a couple times when I was having a very bad time in my life - my wife at the time kidnapped my daughter, they would only give me half the time I needed to try to get her back, and I was kicked out of my rental by the HOA because my landlords weren't paying the HOA fees, - so I could easily be a *** and lie about it.


Probably true. As an independent tech, I can't tell you the number of times I have had a customer bring me a machine after they got it back from the Geek Squad. My first task was to find and remove all the "fixes" the Geek Squad loaded on the machine, then find and repair the ORIGINAL problem.


Dude you are a ***. This article is atrocious, as with extremely non-factual information, unless possibly this dude worked for Geek Squad in Alabama or something.

In which case it seems that he was one of these employees that he is speaking of. This is the epitome of why Best Buy gets bad advertising, because of fools like this.

A couple mentally challenged kids get together and screw around, including this one. I assure EVERYONE this is not how Best Buy or Geek Squad does business, this kid has a serious problem with how the synapses in his brain interact