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The nightmare of best buy: First I orders a ps4 for christmas. I got the $500 bundle.

They sent me a controller and a game no console. When I called they said you never ordered a console. How is a controller and a game $500? I kept calling your after your until someone agreed to resend it.

They sent me the same game. Finally they said go to a store and pick one up at full price. I succumbed and did. I got it home and it was opened.

I called and they assured there's no way they'd resell an open box so I wrapped it and gave it.

Upon opening christmas morning it had finger prints all over it and was broken now best buy won't take it back. I wish I could punch their CEO in the face and break his greedy slimy *** nose I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate this company.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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You were in the purchased a PS4 from the shelf......and you didn't notice or think to see if it was or had been opened? Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft ALL have specific seals on their products to alert you to the fact that there was tampering. I think you know that though, and if not...caveat emptor


As I already said, I got it home and noticed it had in fact been opened. It had been so carefully resealed with the ps4 tamperproof tape it was almost impossible to notice that it was pre-owned.

Hey judgmental know-it-all, have you ever made an oversight in your entire life or are you one of those "perfect" people trolling the internet belittling people to make yourself feel better about your own inadequacies? I didn't see the evidence of light tampering on a perfect box so whip me to death with a cat of nine tails I deserve to die a horrible death for my incompetence. Forgive me oh troll of the internet please I beg you forgive me!!! You know me inside out, everything about me, my passions, my joys, my family, my sacrifices, my failures and you have judged me by this best buy review and deemed me an *** so please....

can you find it in your heart to forgive me oh great cubby oh ruler of the known and unknown world? Hey cubby , people make honest simple mistakes. NO ONE ON THIS PLANET wants to hear your condescending ***. Do the human race a favor: *** the crown you've made yourself, we're all humans.

We make mistakes. Sometimes we don't see someone else's deceptive attempt to return a defective PS4. You don't have to make the world colder and darker every time someone else stumbles. Its so easy for us to be like you.

A Negative ***. Is it so hard to be encouraging and sympathetic? Is it an astronomical absurdity that I might have not seen an almost perfect patch up job as I pushed 5 kids and 10 bags out of a crazy busy best buy during Christmas week???

Were you really born to bring darkness and hate into the world? Stop being a *** and get off your tiny, insignificant little horse.

@cubby - king of all who roam t


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