Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I USED TO purchase A LOT at Best Buy until I ran into THE POLICY! I puchased my wife a runners watch for Christmas. It turned out to have too small of print for her to read. I took it back 13 days after the exchange policy had expired. There was no flexibility and its all POLICY! The same watch I wanted to exchange (was never opened) was still for sale - so why couldnt it be exchanged for a more expensive one? Keith, the customer no service manager, at the Bluemound, Wisconsin location even played a game with me, we USUALLY don't do returns after 45 days buy see so-and-so at customer-no-servioce desk and tell her I asked her to see what she could do. I wait in line and, when I get to the front, she tells me that there is nothing she can do and Keith knows that. Why would he ask you to see me.

On my way out the store, with the small original watch in hand, the store manager passes me and asks how my day was going. I reply "not so good" and he says "Im sorry to hear that" but he just keeps on walking past.

There is no logical reason an exchange couldn't have been made or have been in the hands of the manager. "Can't override" is not acceptable in this downturn fiscal market.

I will keep the watch, in its original container, on my desk as a reminder why I will never step foot in nor purchase anything again from Best Buy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

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sorry Sara but cursing isn't a lack of intelligence. I consider someone acting like a *** like you and not understanding retail stores shows a lack of intelligence as well as a lack of reality.

no, I don't work at Best Buy. I've worked retail before, just not there. I would never want to either with how crazy it is every time I go in there along with how many *** shop there.

just because someone is wealthy and spends a lot of money doesn't mean they're special. that's just being like the government.

they think they can spend money like crazy, especially for the wrong reasons, and still think they deserve special treatment in the end and can cry about anything they want to. sorry Sara, but your b**chy attitude isn't going to change a stores policy. maybe it's not a law but they can run their store however they want to just as long as it isn't affecting actual laws.

if they want to allow 1 week returns then that's their choice. but it's *** like you and the original poster that choose to shop with no regard to a stores policy because you're too busy thinking about what your selfish self wants to buy next.


Best Buy SHOULD have done a return or exchange for you on the watch. They are a greedy, money-grubbing corporation.

When someone has been a long-time customer and spent thousands over the years at any establishment, it's ridiculous to refuse a customer a refund or exhange, especially on something like a watch. As for the response by "ihatedumbcustomers", you must work at Best Buy, LOL. Grow-up, a store policy is NOT a state law you imbicile.

Your use of profanity reflects upon your complete lack of intelligence. Go "postal" somewhere else.


you're a *** ***, you really are, you dumb jacka$$. why should they make an exception for you?

what makes you so special? if you had 45 days to return it, that's more than fair. if you forgot to or didn't have time, that's not anyone else's fault. except maybe for your wife who seems to be full of complaints and probably doesn't know how policies work either.

if stores were run the way *** like you wanted them to run, there wouldn't be any stores left to go to.

we all have to follow rules, you don't get any special exceptions buddy.

as for SimonIsRude and Really, Really? I guess you guys are either the original poster or you're trying to get in his pants


So if a store has to make exceptions for everyone who thinks they're above the policies everyone has to follow, why even have them at all? Just have a nice 10 year, no questions asked return policy.

That way even the ultimate princess diva customers would get their way. The only thing is I'd still read complaints about "I was only 2 years beyond the 10 year return policy and they wouldn't make an exception for my stuck up ***".

If you need to return a purchase, do so in a timely manner or, as you found out, you get to keep the item.


Umm, he has a life? Lets see.

He had other stuff to do, that was a little more important. He sat it in the cupboard on Christmas night, after his wife said the print was too small. They were having a big Christmas Dinner and he just put it away. Then lo and behold, real life, took over, they forgot, he has a job, she works too.

The watch got forgot about in all the after Christmas Hoopla and THEN, they were cleaning out the cupboard, saw it, and, like a rational person thought "Oh, I'll just return it and EXCHANGE and give them more money." Well, guess he should've known better. Next Time OP, get your priorities straight...BESTBUY RETURNS 1st!


His point is clearly, BestBuy COULD Easily, make an exception, as, the watch was still in the package. But they choose to be *** about it. There is always room for flexibility.

Funny, I bet their return policy wasn't shoved in his face when he bought the watch.

O that's right, it's the customer job to know that! He should've made absolutely sure of the exact cutoff date. 8)


Why did it take you 58 days to realized the print was too small?


"I took it back 13 days after the exchange policy had expired!"

You have your answer right there, princess.

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