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Just under two years ago I bought an xbox 360 from the tri-county best buy in cincinnati ohio with the black tie warranty. Earlier this week I went to return it as it had been freezing up on me.

When I was sold the warranty I was told that when I brought my old broken system in it would be traded out for a new one in the store. This was the policy when I bought my warranty. Well imagine my surprise when they told me that policy had changed since I bought my warranty and now they wanted to send it out and send me a refurb in the mail. This was not the policy that I paid for and I had to spend several hours on the phone with corporate before I could get them to honor the warranty the way they sold it to me at least in part by having them give me an exchange for a new one.

Then after all of that headache they dont even have any of the comperably priced $299.99 models in stock not only in that store, but anywhere in the entire area, I cant even order it off of the website. Then the kicker is that no one has an answer as to when anymore will be in stock on the website or in stores, so now my agreement that was to get me a new system on the spot has me waiting an indefinite amount of time to see a replacement, when no one can tell with any conviction that they will even continue to carry that model. They just tell me to wait and see. This headache was not what I paid my $60 for, and the fight I have had to make them do what they told me they were going to do when they took my money is unacceptable.

The employee that sold me the warranty and product made a verbal agreement with me as to its terms, and as I have signed no other paperwork since I paid in cash it would seem to me that verbal agreement is as binding as any other, and that best buy should honor the agreements made on their behalf by their staff. Needless to say, after having to fight for upwards of six hours over the course of a couple days just to wind up getting them to still not fulfill their parts of our agreement, I will no longer be sending mine or anybody else's business in the direction of Worst Buy home of the horrendous customer service.

Even if their employees give false information, if it leads to a sale they need to honor that agreement and then reprimand that employee later, I should not be punished for your employees lack of understanding of their own jobs, the fact that they should be better trained should affect the store, not the consumers. That is to say the store should eat the lose for the lies of its employees, not the consumer that was sold an item under false pretenses.

That would be swindling me out of my money to sell me one thing and then say it was another after having taken my money. Not that my money will make or break best buy, but they will not be seeing any more of my money once I can finally use this *** gift card they gave me in lue of my actual machine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

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sounds like all you *** work for best buy your a bunch of ***


I just got screwed out of my 52" samsung flat screen. The warrenty cost me $250.00 then they charged me another $150.00 to send a geek squad tech to my house to tell me they aren't fixing or replacing it!!!! I've never been so angry in my life!


um if you bought your Xbox before 2008 then you have a case if not then you are just a *** who wants his way and will kick and scream until your get your way. I bet your mommy gave into you a lot and you were the spoiled brat kid no one wanted to come to house or play with their kids.

Did you blame bad grades on your teachers too? Jimeny read your paperwork. Had you read it you could have returned it. I buy stuff for my kid there all the time I am not tech Savvy so I alway get the plans.

I have one thing on you though I read what is given to me. If you did not like what it said you could have returned it


I agree with Simon ^^^^^Why would you buy something to begin with that doesn't clearly state what your getting for your money? Thats a *** move on your part.

Policies change, its not the employees that work theres fault.

I have a great idea...why don't you use the gift card you were given to either buy yourself a new attitude, "manners included" or you could donate your gift card to whoever helped you at Best Buy for having to deal with soooo many hours of your ***. :)


There is no commission for selling them but they will be shown the door if they don't sell enough of them. Can't blame them for doing what they need to do to support themselves.

You would too.

The top brass at Best Buy is who you want to blame.


There is no employee commission on those extended warranties



agreed. they make commission selling those warranties


Despite your vast knowledge of the law, it actually doesn't matter one bit what you were told. What matters is what is on the paperwork that you signed.

The employees are under a lot of pressure to sell the warranties and will lie to you to get you to buy one. That's why you have to read what you sign and keep the paperwork.

I doubt you will get a brand new Xbox.

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