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I also went to my local best buy to buy a laptop with a free Xbox. I was told any Xbox over 700$ is eligible.

I finally picked out the computer I wanted and the clerk was having trouble applying the promotion so he called over a manager. They then tell me oh the promotion ended yesterday! I was so angry, especially since all the employees checked and Microsoft is still offering the promotion so I don't understand why Best Buy is not.

I was a big fan of Best Buy but after this I am not. I tried contacting Best buy customer service but got some young airhead on the phone who was clueless.

Monetary Loss: $199.

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I bought a laptop for my wife on July 23. She is an enrolled college student with a .edu email address. I didn't know the promotion at the time, so a $999 laptop with Windows 7 was purchased.

According to Microsoft, all participating dealers (Best Buy is listed) will honor the deal until September 3; no small print, no exceptions.

A week later, I called the store inquiring about the deal. They were very confused and unsure. I told them I would not drive 30 miles for only a chance. After 30 minutes on hold, they told me that everything checked out and an Xbox was waiting for me if I make the drive.

When I arrived, they then informed me that the deal was over (not true, according to Microsoft) and sorry and have a nice day. I decided to have a nice little chat with the store manager. She was very apologetic, but unwilling to honor the deal. Instead, we negotiated (for gas and time spent) and I ended up with a $40 store credit; not the best but better than nothing.

Let this post be a warning to anyone who is told that Best Buy will honor the deal until September 3. It's just not true and Best Buy is breaking the rules in the process.


I contacted both best buy and Microsoft today to discuss the deal and both said it was valid through september 3 and would honor it in store. Upon arriving an asking a manager and employee who both said yes we started picking out our laptop.

At check out they were unable to apply the discount and complete the transaction. It's no wonder Walmart is about to pass them in electronic sales. In comparison Best Buy employees don't know what they are talking about technically, their customer service blows, and when you point out a flaw and show them a valid offer they refuse to honor it dispite their employees saying it's valid.

I spend close to 15 - 20 thousand for business w Best Buy and have since decided as of today I will be choosing another dealer. Great work Best Buy you're corporation has officially taken over and failed to meet minimum customer service expectations.


Same problem with Best Buy,they even still had the promotion by the front door.They had neither laptop picked,I was told to drive to another store(45 min) away,If I ordedred the kid said it would take two weeks for them to get it from their other store,but said the free xbox was over.

Bye Bye Best buy,just went throught the same thing trying to buy a big screen(no stock(sfter researching talking with "salesperson" bought 2 somewhere else New egg) Had no problems paid no taxs or delivery charge and got an awesome deal.

Big companies are wondering where their buisness has gone,away from your un educated sales people and lack of stock in store,I'm here ready to buy and load,I don't want to wait or if I do cut a deal.


The offer is through Microsoft, Not Best Buy. Microsoft partnered with Best Buy so that Best Buy could offer it in there store for a "limited time".

They provided Best Buy with a certain amount of Xbox's and when those sold out, Best Buy could no longer honor the promotion. Microsoft understood that Best Buy makes far more computer sales between all of it's top brands, than the HP and Dell sites combined so offering the program in Best Buy too long could have potentially been a MASSIVE loss of profit. Best Buy loved the promotion, but Microsoft isn't willing to lose enough money to keep the promotion going in Best Buy.

Helpful hint: Best Buy price and promotion match only works to a certain percentage due to sales called "Burst SKU's".

So if Apple needs to clean inventory, they will offer 40% off select products for a week.

Best Buy can not honor that because they are not cleaning inventory, and the 40% off would be a huge loss. Remember, Best Buy has a ton of stores and losing a good amount at every store adds up quickly.


Best Buy is no longer fulfilling this offer.


Actually the promo is from microsoft and is valid until September and is for any laptop 699 and up. I myself just had the same issue with Best Buy not honoring the promo even after I pointed out they were still advertising it at my local store.


The promotion is good until end of June. The promotion only works on eligible HP and has to be 599.99 above.