Dayton, Ohio

i found out at best buy in its fine print its only gives 14 DAYS on RETURNS AND EXCHANGES on a lot of computer and electronics . Other stores offer 30 days.

so unwrap it fast as its not long under store return warranty , not 30 days like wal mart , , but at best buy// watch them i had a lotta aggravation with their hsbc disability insurance company also . Best buy is not really a "best buy" because they only guarantee their computers for a return or exchange for 14 days l why is that ?? my guess is most likely to get you to buy their very expensive black tie insurance. if i got that for all it cost i might as well go to another store and get 30 days on returns and exchanges and get their insurance.

wow what if you give it as a gift from best buy to someone say on DEc. 10th say for Chrismas they want to return it on DEc. 26th. !!!!

What happens??? it took us 3 weeks to find a dvd prob on our new lap top and we were told it was out of the 14 day warranty had we to sign a standard printed disclaimer form they had saying it was dirty and something else before they would even send it off.

It was dusty and a little dirty but not like that form implied but what could we do but sign it??? they fixed it since it was a defective part after all but i dont trust best buy now

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It's 30 on everything


Purchases made between November 13 - December 24 can be returned until January 24th.


First of all Target and Wal-Mart have a 15 day return policy on open electronics, so you're not so smart after all. Secondly, your computer should be covered under a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.