Annandale, Virginia

I rarely buy these things so it took me by surprise when I attempted to return the $60 in itunes cards I purchased in error. I went back the day after purchase and was pointed to very tiny print on the receipt (which you don't get till after you buy stuff) saying you couldn't return the items.

The staff was very professional but kept pointing at their computers saying they couldn't take the return because the computer wouldn't let them. There was no sign in the store where the cards were hanging saying all sales were final. The back of the card says no returns, except as required by law - gee, I thought the law would allow you to return unused, unactivated cards still in the package.

So now I'm stuck with $60 of gift cards that can't be returned or exchanged. Be warned of all gift cards on this, and be warned that Best Buy won't even warn you -- Stay Away!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

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Have 2 100$ iTunes gift card I purchased by mistake from Walmart. Can not be return or exchange with other gift card. Now stacked with it, no iPhone , no iPad..nor any apple products.


My parents bought my kids iTunes cards by mistake not knowing that they had androids as a Christmas present I agree there needs to be a better way of resolving these kinds of issues. So all you *** that comment about common sense not everyone is tech savvy and sometimes we make easy mistakes especially rushing around for gifts for the holiday season.


How do you buy a $60 itunes card BY MISTAKE ????????????????????????

You knew exactly what you were doing.


No retailer will give you a refund on a gift card.


Gift cards in EVERY store are, and have always been, non-refundable. It's just common sense.

Once the store activates the card they are charged by the vendor and the vendor will not refund the card under any circumstances. If that policy is unacceptable to you, don't shop anywhere gift cards are available.


How do you make $60 in gift card purchases by mistake? No one is that ***.

Not too mention NO retailer ever allows returns on gift cards because they have no way of knowing they were used or not. You're awful at trying to scam the system ***.


How do you purchase $60 in Itunes gift cards in error? Maybe Best Buy should have warned you that you were making the wrong purchase.

FYI your card was activated as soon as it went through the register. Maybe you shouldn't be out living and shopping on your own if you have to be warned about EVERYTHING. Just to help you out. I am warning you that your coffee is probably going to be hot.

You should be careful with it. Let me know if you need any more "help".

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