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our Christmas present for ourselves a PlayStation 4. So we head over to the Best Buy in Marina.

We go in the store and Manager of the store immediately helps us to where the PlayStation 4's are kept. There weren't any on the shelf. He goes and finds the person that works in the gaming dept. Willian whom is very helpful and obviously a gamer.

He assisted us in picking a console, controller, Grandturismo and NBA game. We ask if he could hold it at his register which was in the Windows section of the store, as we wanted to look for a possible tv upgrade. After about 30 minutes of looking we returned to the Windows section of the store to make our purchase. We make the purchase and were told to go to the front of the store to have the security cases removed from the games.

I get to the store and my wife has to go to the restroom, she proceeds to the restroom as I approach the yellow shirted man at the front of the store, whom clearly does the removing of the security devices. But he's standing there with three other Best Buy employees chatting about what they did last night, I say excuse me after standing there for a few minutes they all saw me standing there and never once asked if I needed help. They send me over to the register to have the security devices removed I do so. I arrive there and the checker is standing there chatting up another Best Buy employee.

I stand there for another 5 minutes as I think he's making a purchase, they ignore me as if I'm not even standing there. I ask if they can remove the security device and they tell me I have to go see the guy in the yellow shirt at the front of the store. I get pissed and say I was just there and say just give me a refund I can spend my money anywhere. They say I have to go over to customer service.

I get there and now my wife approach's and asks what's going on and I say I want a *** refund since all of the workers in this store can chat each other up but not take the security devices of of the *** we just purchased. We get our refund, but I'm not finished I as for the Manager and it ends up being the guy that helped us when we came in the store. But he's helping someone else and referees us to some kid and the station next to him. I proceed to explain the situation as to why we didn't make it out of the store with an item we'd just purchased he seemed very uninterested.

We proceed to leave the store and the yellow shirt guy approached us and stated he wasn't talking about what he did last night. My response was you were busy f$&@-/g talking to to help me. He continues to say something that set me all the way off I proceeded to cuss him out. He states that I'm 86'd from the store.

I told him I don't give a *** cause I don't shop there anyway.

Needless to say their *** customer service is exactly why brick and mortar stores are going by the wayside. I personally will never go into another Best Buy.

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