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A warning to anyone buying anything from Magnolia Audio Video. I made a purchase at a Magnolia store-within-a-store inside a far-away Best Buy and was assured I'd be allowed to return what I purchased.

Liars!! I tried to return the item (an HDMI cable overpriced by $100+) to my local standalone Magnolia Audio Video store and they told me that they were a different company from the stores-within-a-store and couldn't take it back, even though the name is the same. I went next door to Best Buy, and because they didn't have the Magnolia Audio Video setup inside and didn't carry the product, they too refused to take it back. Now I'm forced to drive over 100 miles to the far-away store to return a $129 cable.

I hate these cats. Beware!! Not all Magnolias are the same!

But I would never buy anything at a Magnolia Audio Video store ever again. What a scam!

Monetary Loss: $129.

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What's up dude. Best Buy Magnolia Brand is a different entity than Best Buy Stores.

They sell all the higher end audio and video components etc that Best Buy does not carry. So it's fairly obvious that Best Buy could not and will not take that return for a refund. You should have realized this or at least emphasized this when asking about return policies. I never had a Best Buy sales person volunteer that info to me unless I asked.

Make the sale and hope they never hear from your again. Honestly, you should be annoyed and pissed at yourself for overlooking this, especially when the sales person did say you could absolutely return the item to the store (Magnolia)correct!

Sometimes we just don't pay enough attention and have to chalk it up to experience. It Is What It Is!!


there are stores that have certain sections that sell a particular type of brand. so if you purchase it, you have to return it there. sorry that it is harder to return, but that is how it is.

instead of asking if you could return the product, you should have asked if you could return it at other locations, and where the next closest location was that you could return it.


:grin Sorry, but I just had to agree there with DUH. and LOL @ The Home Depot remark


Maybe just me, but I'm thinking it's not a scam. Just return it where you bought it.

Hope you weren't surprised that Best Buy wouldn't take it back. I dunno though, maybe Home Depot will take it?

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