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Best Buy ? I don't think so! All the consumer complaints about Magic Jack and Best Buy tells you to take your complaints to Magic Jack...Good luck with that!

Magic Jack has 100's if not thousands of complaints of the product not working and not able to give tech support or a refund as advertised.

The mighty Best Buy continues to carry Magic Jack with all the troubles it has received.

Beware of Magic Jack and espeically Best Buy , Best Buy is neither.

Magic Jack is the fraud of the decade. You can't get any person to talk to you at Magic Jack.

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A product, and product, that has such a large percentage of it's customers dissatisfied, should be investigated by ANY retailer looking to sell (support)that product.

The sad thing is that if it were a faulty toaster that would explode and burn down a house, I do think that places like BB & WM would stop selling them. MJ is 'only' providing sub-standard service & support, and, ripping people off! I gues that's okay for BB & WM, and the other retailers.

I look forward to your letters (as Craig Ferguson would say).


I have a question though. I too bought a MJ from Best Buy, activated my account, hated the MJ and then returned it to Best Buy.

BUT, does MagicJack know I returned it? The reason that question is important is because I have set up my MJ number to forward to my cell phone. So, since MJ thinks I've prepaid for a year of service, will I continue to be able to receive calls on that MJ number since they might not know I've returned my device to MJ?

See what I mean? How does MJ know I've returned my device to Best Buy? If they don't know, then isn't my ability to at least receive calls on the MJ number still active? If that's the case, then this would be an easy way for someone to get a free virtual (incoming) number for a year and not have to pay for it (if you return the device to Best Buy).

Or....does Best Buy send the devices to MJ and then MJ looks at the serial numbers and closes the accounts associated with those specific units?



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you know Walmart sells magic jack too? maybe they should be held responsible for that product?


best buy sells a ton of products from different brands. some brands are better than others.

I am sorry that Best Buy is giving consumers a choice with a variety of products. (Not!)

Do your research on ANY product before you buy it. And like was mentioned, if you were not happy, you could have returned it within a certain time period.


It seems that these days, companies like Best Buy spend millions on product research to find out just how much they can get away with.

It's easy to give a 30 day guaranty on a product if you have made sure it will (mostly) work for at least that long.

In my (considerable) experience, Magic Jack has managed to do this. The problem is that they sell the product for a year....initially. And try to fish in the buyer for 5 years. If the buyer pays for a year and only get 2 months...that's not so bad. That person is prolly just gonna walk away and let MJ keep their money.

But if someone pays for 5 years and only gets 2 months, they are gonna be pissed. They are gonna wanna sue someone.

So WTF? It's easy for a company to make something that will die as soon as the warranty expires. Just as easy to make something that will last forever. The only difference (seems to me) is either RESPECT for the consumer.....or pure MALICE for the consumer, and GREED, and DISRESPECT.

So, what' it going to be then, eh?


Oh, I'm sorry, I missed the part where Best Buy is the manufacturer of Magic Jack and should be held responsible for any problems that the product has.

Also, Best Buy offers a variety of products so that consumers can make up their mind for themselves whether or not they want to buy products. I can guarantee that every single product and brand on the market have had a complaint from someone.

Should Best Buy not carry any products at all anymore since all of them have had a problem at some point? Pretty sure they wouldn't be in business very long if they did that.

And like Tom said, you have 30 days to return a product, no questions asked, if you choose.

I would assume that if it is a faulty product, you'll know it within 30 days. And if it goes bad after the 30 days, I might start to wonder if it's user error....


Best Buy gives you 30 days to figure it out or return it, if you are not satisfied.