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Best Buy sold a gas stove at a price which quoted free delivery and installation. When gas line needed an adaptor, the installers left and said it was my responsibility, even though installation was "free".

The manager denied that the contract said that - even though the contract was right in front of me. He then argued with me and got upset when I informed hm that I was a consumer lawyer and that I had a right to enforce the contract. He became abusive and hung up. Tomorrow, I am returning the $1500 stove for a refund.

I guess they do not value customers enough to speak nicely to them, or to live up to their contractual duties or legal responsibilities. There are plenty of other places to shop - I won't take their abuse!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Installation.

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Sounds like either there was a problem with your gas line in your home or you are using Propane instead of Natural Gas. Either way you need a licensed professional to do that work. Some Best Buy store do either have those people or contract them out. You need to make sure you know of any problems before going in. The contract you sign does outline this info on it.

As long as there are no problems with the gas line, then it is free installation.

This sounds like either you are complaining about something that is your fault or a salesperson did not give you enough information. Either way you have a copy of the contract and it is your responsibility to read it before signing.


When you do get your new gas stove, be sure to turn on the gas and give the interior of the stove a good cleaning. Be sure your head is entirely within the interior to make sure it's really clean.


Look at the BB trolls going about their work of trolling for the company. Go trolls, go ....


sounds like you wanted them to give you an adapter to hook it up and make it work stop being such a cheap *** and pay to have it installed. you were probably hoping they would do it so you can sue them after . as a lawyer you should probably hang yourself with your tie.


I stood in line at best buy to return an item I didn't need and the clearly overworked customer in front of me was yelling at a, probably 16 year old girl about not giving him his $10 back for a CD he had already opened. He made it clear that he was a "lawyer" and that the company would be hearing from him.

I had to laugh, I felt bad for the poor girl, but as a lawyer, he outnof all people should know what a "company policy" is.

Plus, Best Buy has better lawyers, did he really think he could ever stand up to them? Please buddy, get a woman or something


I agree with Simon. It is required to have a licensed plumber for the installion of a gas line.

There is way to much liability involved. As a lawyer you should know this. If it is so easy why didn't you do it yourself. Are you afraid something might go wrong.

Well that is exactely why Best Buy did not and will not install the gas line.

It is called CYA. Cover your ***


If you're a consumer lawyer, then you're certainly aware that a licensed plumber is required to hook up gas to an appliance and Best Buy doesn't employ a lot of licensed plumbers. Why don't you be an adult and hook it up yourself?

You're just an i d i o t.

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