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Best Buy Lemon Policy

I love Best Buy......anyway I used to.

I purchased a new laptop on Valentines Day 2010, coincidently, that was the END of my love for Best Buy. The next four months my new laptop found another temporary home at the Geek Squad at Coconut Point in Estero Florida. It spent plenty of time there, then they sent it out twice. At the time I understood that it was being sent back to Toshiba, but I later found out that it was going to yet another Geek Squad somewhere in Tennessee. I won't go into all the gory details about how many times I wasn't called when it was supposedly 'fixed'. Or how many times I had to return it to the geeks, because it still wasn't working. I will say that by the fourth month I was at the end of my rope. I asked for a new laptop. I had purchased the "Black Tie" special which covered everything. (for an extra $229) I had a guarantee. I spoke to the manager who stared expressionless as I poured out my story, and demanded a new laptop. After waiting for 45 minutes while she was taught how to navigate the archived history of repairs on my machine, she informed me that I did not have the required number of "qualified" repairs to expect a new laptop. "you must have FOUR hardware repairs, AND it has be the same piece of hardware that is repaired or replaced four times" I was absolutely speechless, my only thought was that I would have a better chance of walking on the moon! By now I was so angry I could not speak.

So now I have a mission. I want everyone who 'loves' Best Buy, to a least be aware of the total joke their 'Black Tie' program is.

Also, they may have one or two people per store who actually know how to really repair computers, they send them off to never never land and you won't see it for a month or more! Thank goodness I have my reliable Gateway to keep me occupied while Best Buy practices Repair 101 with a new laptop!

Oh, I finally got it back again, and two hours after I picked it up I have a "Display error" Thanks Best Buy for NOTHING! THE DAY I WALK ON THE MOON IS THE DAY I WILL BUY ANYTHING ELSE AT ANY OF YOUR STORES!

To bad, you had a great customer in me, and my techy addictive husband!

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You're all cry babies! Read your programs idiots!

Yeah best buy builds to shiva laptops retard! You make me sick!


We've had the same issues with an all in one computer we bought in Feb of this year. In one month of having it, the hard drive failed twice and had to be sent in.

Only for me to find out that they had never sent it off, they left it on the shelf of the store. Awesome! So they finally sent it off, and we had other minor issues there as well. But then it happened again and it was sent in for ANOTHER repair, this time for the operating system.

It's been fine since May, and then yesterday it crashed. Hard drive crashed once again. We take it BACK to best buy WITH our so called protection plan and they want to send it back in again.

Yup...amazing service. I HATE this company and my husband and I will never go here again for future purchases.


GSBBPPs mask the mfr warranty. The plan administrator does NOT take any responsibilty for mfr warranty work (it's in the terms). So, any repairs in year 1 don't count towards a lemon. These points are NEVER clearly spelled out in any extended plan - the intent is to confuse the customer. One needs a JD to understand the fine print - that is also intentional. All marketing - NEVER take a BBY sales person's word for anything as they are pressured to sell these. Does any retailer want you to read the terms, in the middle of the sales floor no less? Those in the stores including the mgrs don't fully understand them as they have a script to live by.

Sending refurbs is an option also in the terms. It should be the same product, though.


Moral: Shop online at Amazon or Newegg. No hassles. No extended nonsense.


This has really got me up to "here" as they say. I bought an iPod touch April of 2010.

I bought a black tie protection plan told and convinced that if ANYTHING were to happen i would get a new one on the spot. This is obviously not the case as one week ago today the audio on my iPod went deaf. I went in and told my story. To hear that i WASNT getting a new one on the spot is irritating enough.

But that i would have to wait 3 to 5 days to get a REFURBISHED one..NOT a new one like i was promised. A week (7 days NOT 3 to 5) has passed and i just picked up my iPod.

What really p*sses me off is that i have the patients to wait a week but to open my black wrapped "Best Buy Certified" box to find a cheap knock off of the iPod Touch. Lets just say there WILL be a lawsuit waiting for them if i DONT get a new iPod Touch tomorow after school :(


I absolutely agree with everyone. Their lemon policy is a joke!!!


Actually what the Manager said is incorrect. Any 3 hardware repairs, with a fourth necessary, instantly qualifies the item for a replacement in order to fulfill the terms of the Black Tie Protection. So if the laptop goes in three times (1st bad Motherboard, 2nd Bad optical drive, 3rd Bad wireless card) and comes in for a fourth repair (which must be verified by a technician at (usually) our Geek Squad City (Louisville, KY) or Chino (Chino, CA) facilities).

As for your understanding that the laptop was being sent to Toshiba, I am sorry that you were misinformed. Geek Squad City and Chino, CA are certified repair facilities for most brands (Dell (when bought at BBY), HP/Compaq, Acer/eMachines/Gateway, Some Sonys, Some ASUS, Toshiba, etc.), and do many manufacturer repairs per day.

I am sorry for your experience with Geek Squad, and hope that someday you will give us another try.

*My post does not necessarily reflect the opinion of my employer, Best Buy Co.*


IN the first year it is under manufacturer coverage. it has to be repalced by the manufacturer, and the black tie plan carrys over to the replacment item, unless there is accidental damage.

Then it is replaced and the plan is fulfilled. You people dont know what you're taking about. Call your maunfacturer. If you didnt buy the 4 year extension, you would speak with them You just want your way when you want it.

read the contract.

You pay the money for it. it astounds me how many people pay for *** they dont even bother reading.


While I agree that Best Buy has some of the worst customer service ever, they lie to and mistreat their customers on a daily basis regarding repairs, I must disagree with you to a point.

That's how a No-Lemon policy works.

If the same thing breaks over and over again, then it is considered a lemon.

Think of a car, if the transmission gives out, then your windshield gets cracked by a rock, and you get a flat tire, then the car is not a lemon. If the transmission gives out again and again, then the car is a lemon.


My brand new computer would not work--they sent it off and it came back scratched and dirty. But, Best Buy is not responsible for that, they said.

The computer was still under manufacturer warranty (it was only days old) yet they did not send it to the manufacturer.

They sent it off to Geek Squad somewhere. I'll never purchase anything from Best Buy again.


I totally agree. Best Buy has horrible customer service and I would like to choke them with that black tie *** of theirs.

If they can't fix it the first time, they should replace it. ***, any other store would replace defective merchandise but Best Buy prefers to scam its customers. I told them today that if I get my dvd player/recorder back and it still isn't fixed I was going to shove it up the persons ***. I almost got kicked out of the store!

HA! Man I was really pissed. I won't buy anything from that store again. They even screwed up my laptop when they repaired the display.

It has a gray line across it that is noticeable when the display is dark. Since I need my laptop I can't return it for them to fix...but it is obvious it is something they did when they replaced the display.

So when I can spare the time to be without my laptop I will take it in. Personally I would rather not step one foot inside that store with the rotten customer service.