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The 1st machine I got did not work after I set the whole thing up. I figure this cost me 2 hours time and 2 gallons of gas.

After setting up the 2nd machine whenever I tried to install a new program. I kept getting an error message that windows Installer was installed wrong. I finally called HP tech support and 6 hrs. later they had me back to factory settings. I then had to spend 2 more hours with Adobe to get back my InDesign. The HP tech told me this machine comes preloaded with Microsoft Office. Best Buy wipes this out and then tries to sell you the same package. The thing that really screwed up my machine was the fact that Best Buy told me to get Kaspersky protection. The machine was preloaded with Norton's. The result was my Windows Installer not working properly.

I also lost a month of my Quickbooks accounting and I can't tell you how many hours this took of my time. I will never buy anything from BestBuy again.

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That's pretty great that you won't buy from Best Buy again. Better yet, just start your own store and run em out of business.