Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Best buy lets just say if u buy from best buy make sure u check it out there befor u leave and dont let them deliver it to u make sure u take it your self cause they are careless with things and it will come damage be real i mean real careful with best buy they lost me i will not shop there ever again cause i like mine things 2 come 2 me new just like i paid for them cause i sure did not paid for the damage that they will do to it when they bring it to u they r careless *** ppl and dont care bout the things u paid for with your hard working money they think a 5% off is good enough for something they damaged smh get new delivery ppl who wont damaged ppls stuff smh this place should not be aloud 2 deliver items 2 ppl cause everytime they deliver something its always damaged and they say it was from the warehouse no it them weak *** delivery ppl u got working for u get some real delivery ppl cause this the only place who brings things damaged every other place i order from when they come things are never damaged but with best buy just know if they deliver 2 u it will come damaged and they dont care

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