Baltimore, Maryland

2 1/2 years ago I purchased a wide screen t.v., blu ray player, and a receiver. I spent over $5,000.00.

I bought the warranty. My blu ray door stuck and caught one of my favorite cd's inside. I returned player to store. It was sent to repair, and I was called and asked to go to store to pick up new blu ray.

I did that and all was fine, except for my $15.00 favorite cd. I have called the store several times and been told I would get a call back in a couple of days, each time no call back. I have sent an email to their customer service and I have heard nothing. I can't beleive that you would want to lose a high end customer over a $15.00 cd.

Out of shear principle I will never shop at Best Buy again. I will be sure to spread the word to anyone who will listen. I would rather spend more money to receive the customer service that we all deserve when we spend our hard earned money. I should sue them for theft of my cd, and I may look into the possibility of doing this type of action.

Down with Best Buy. My store is located in Rosedale Maryland

Monetary Loss: $15.

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So, they totally replace your almost three year old Blu-Ray player with a brand new one, and you're carping about a disc that will be on sale next week for $5? :roll


I'm not sure where to start. First off you can't sue for a $15 item.

Anything less than $20 is settled out of court. Silly... Secondly, I love how people who are pissed at Best Buy appear to have no grammar or spelling skills at all. Also, did you tell them when you sent it off that you had the disc in there?

(You'll say yes I bet... but is that true?)

Linda Medrano

Can't believe they replaced your equipment without any problem. My experience with this company, is customer service means nothing.


look at me, i'm lol. lets put everything someone says into quotes, so i can add my witless rebuttals one at a time! im so cool!

"'there's nothing stated anywhere that says damaged, scratched or BROKEN parts have to be returned to the customer'

Prove it!"

its listed in terms and conditions of your warranty, which the cashier is supposed to give you, or if they didnt, is also available online. (this can be found in part 6 [Exclusions to Coverage], section vii.)

"This plan does not cover: ... (vii) damage

to, or loss of any software or data residing or

recorded in your product."


"Who do you think stuck it there, ***

idk why don't you ask your mom ****face

"And how do YOU know it wasn't really broken?"

and how do YOU know it was?!? :x

"This isn't a car repair"

who said anything about car repairs? :? , get your **** straight!

"there's nothing stated anywhere that says damaged, scratched or BROKEN parts have to be returned to the customer"

Prove it!

"If you wamt to continue to look ***, I can help you with that...NO PROBLEM!"

right back atcha !! :p

i said it once and i'll say it again 'stop sucking best buy's ****' they'll *** at the first chance they get.

peace out,


Jojo! Is that you, Jojo? :grin


Seriously, you're surprised that Best Buy is willing to lose a high-end customer over a $15 CD, but I'm surprised you're willing to give up on Best Buy because of that same $15 CD.

Just wondering, when you sent the player off in the first place, did you list that you had a CD in the drive and what CD it was? If not, you can't claim it anyway.

If people could do that, I would bring in a Blu-Ray player and when it came back to me say "Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, but I had a $100 DVD in there. I need another one. Better yet, that was a $1000 DVD, yeah, that's right." There is no way for you or Best Buy to prove that is true unless it was listed on the information from the begining.

Try suing Best Buy.

Their lawyers will rip yours a new ***, I guarantee it.

Or just call 1-888-BEST-BUY. I'm sure you will get a gift card so you can go buy your *** Miley Cyrus CD again.



Who do you think stuck it there, *** And how do YOU know it wasn't really broken? This isn't a car repair, and there's nothing stated anywhere that says damaged, scratched or BROKEN parts have to be returned to the customer; ESPECIALLY when the whole *** unit is replaced!

If you wamt to continue to look ***, I can help you with that...NO PROBLEM!


Well best_buy_tom if you stop sucking best buy's **** and pay attention you'll notice that the "broken pice of plastic" he's "squaking over", was not really broken, but stuck inside the blue ray player. :roll


So, they replaced your equipment without making you wait for an extended repair OR three MORE qualified repairs, and you're squaking over a broken piece of plastic?? :x

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