Rockford, Illinois
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My son purchased a Toshiba Laptop from Best Buy in Aug 2008. Since then it has had one motherboard, two hard-drives, keyboard, power cord, and pretty much everything on the inside replaced at least once.

Well it is back in again for the 5th time and they are now telling me it will take up to 8 weeks to get the computer fixed. It should be replaced and not fixed. The Geek Squad manager had enough nerve to start yelling at me because I was complaining about how terrible their service was. I had to ask 5 times for a store manager and when the store manager got there told me I was a bothersome customer.

I will be filing a complaint against this store at corporate level and with the Better Business Bureau along with the IL Attorney General.

When I asked for names of the employees was told that I cant have them since NO one including the manager had on any nametags in the Geek Squad Area. I would recommend that no one purchase any computers from this store since they refuse to help the customer at all.

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Yes, my son does take care of his computer and everything else he owns. When you have had a computer in the store 10 times and they refuse to fix it something needs to be done.

Well BEST Buy had to give my son a new computer, they expected us to pay the difference for the new one and according to our lawyer we didnt have to. AS for the warranty he purchased the extended warranty and that is where Best Buy failed. It is only allowed to be check into the store three times and on the fourth time it is to be replaced. I had to point that out to them too.

They will never get any more of our money for a computer.

We have three laptops only one was bought there. Get alot better service else where.

Apparently you Move On works for Best Buy and is one of the managers who refuses to listen to customers.


Good for the store manager. People like you expect him to just drop everything to give you an answer you have already been given multiple times.

I bet that the store manager's duties include managing the store. Sometimes I bet it's hard for him to drop everything and come running for someone who is mad because didn't read their warranty. You do sound like a bothersome customer. He should ban you from the store.

As many problems as this computer has had, I would guess that your son doesn't take care of his things.

Did you ever stop and think maybe it is the user and not the store's fault? Of course you didn't.


it is nice to have your stuff wright away but i would rather wait and order on line best buy has to many problems but people still buy from there.they best buy charge retail price for most of there items they have


Best buy would screw up a cup of coffee


Keep fighting. I have had alot of trouble from Best Buy in Michigan.

They did a bait and switch on one of my computers when I went to pick it up, beefed up the price, and wouldnt send out someone to install it-even though I paid the fee already. Take them to court-they need a wake up call.


they best buy are all bad the one in melrose pk ill is real bad when you buy some thing you do not open it up to make sure it works if you take it back because you do not like they open the box and look at it and some times plug it in to make sure it still works i try to by my stuff on amazon go to best buy to see how it looks and that is it best buy most the time charges retail price