Greenville, South Carolina
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I bought a laptop, a Toshiba Satellite. I thought I was going to walk out after my purchase & take it straight home & check it out... Oh NO!!!

After & I mean straight after the purchase, the Geek Squad took it & said they needed to "make sure" that it worked properly & install -thier- internet protection.

After having it for almost a year (not quite a yr now) it crashes. I took it to a friend of mine & they searched through it to see what was wrong & asked if I put any kinda internet or firewall protection other than what it came with... Of course I told him the Geek Squad put something like that on there. He told me that's what made it crash.

I took it back to the Geek Squad, after looking at for about an hr, told me it would cost as much as I pd for the laptop to begin with to fix it. When I said no thx & that I wanted e laptop back & I wanted to take it home, They got mad as *** & asked me what I was going to do with it. Yea, what am I gonna do with MY laptop. When I asked why was it thier biz what I do with MY stuff they got really mad & refised to give me MY laptop.

When I told them if I left the building without my laptop, I was going straight to the police station & taking out a report for stolen property (after all the laptop was registered to me by that time). I quickly got my laptop back. So I told them to *** OFF & I would NEVER be back!

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wow, you're nuts.


Wow you think huh?

What do you care?

Reply back, show me how retarded you are...


this person is just looking for attention with how crazy they talk. chances are, they messed up their own computer and expected Best Buy to return it a year later.


You were gullible and let them talk you into putting their junk software on the new laptop. They like to *** people into this.

However, you may be able to get their junk off the laptop, but you need to find someone who knows something about computers in order to do so. BestBuy applications are insidious and hard to get rid of. That's one reason to never buy anything from them if it comes with their junk installed.

I bought a Toshiba Satellite laptop from them four years ago and I made sure it did not have their apps on it and they apparently knew I was not some novice, so they did not push for anything, even the extended warranty---another thing you should never pay for.

Good luck.

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