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I believe I was also a victim of being hacked via Bestbuy. I purchased a open box PC, geek squad in Melrose Park was supposed to wipe the PC.

I own a business and gave them my business card since I didn't have time to wait. As soon as my IT professional hooked up the computer to our business remote server, the hacker accessed everything via remote. My personal information and he or she attempted to access much more. I had to replace every hard drive in my office and wipe the PC purchased.

We are still going through forensics on the hard drives.

This was the bestbuy in Melrose Park, IL. Clearly buying a open box PC is never worth the risk.

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You were not hacked by BB. You did not mention if the PC had any type of firewall or VirusChecker/Mallware software on it.

Did you scan it before putting it on your network and using it?

I would immediately fire the supposed 'IT Professional' that put an unsecured PC on the network. That is unacceptable.

There are two possibilities...

1. The person who had the PC before you either purposely put mallware on it, or, it got on there by what he did.

2. No firewall or Anti-Virus software...

well, there you go! You may as well leave a key to your door tied on a string of the doorknob!

You went cheap & took shortcuts. I really don't understand why you had to replace your hard drives.

A simply solution would be to restore all your systems from your backups - Oh wait! Tell me you had current backups.