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Returned a broken TV to my local BB store #2021. Was a floor model with three separate pic problems.

Less than 6 weeks old. I wanted a comparable TV. I even bought a more expensive model. After 5 employees harrassed me about my mounting bracket that literally all 5 didnt know the difference between a bolt and a screw....

for real. I just wanted to buy my TV and stopped being harrassed. I even told the supervisor ringing me up for them to leave me alone. They did not and the GM Clayton Witter joined in.

I have never been harrased like this at a place im spending a lot of money. Talked to Clayton who gave me the typical 888 # to call. No sense of personal responsibility and unproffessional from top management. Clayton continued to tell me how much money he makes for some reason and called me a know it all multiple times.

This should not happen by management. BB should be ashamed of themselves. This is the reason online is the future.

Btw, for some reason he had to go into detail of how the TV i bought was much inferior to the one i bought, although his own salesman recommended LG. Hmmm

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Still no resolution. forum deactivated my account.

Nobody called me ever. Best buy doesn't care.

What a complete joke of a company. Next retail to fail.

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