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The sound on my notebook computer (PC) stopped working. I used the restore CD that came with the (PC). When I was finished and restarted the (PC) I saw a blue screen with the message " missing system 32 hal.dll.".

I took the computer (PC), restore CD and power cord to Best Buy (Geek Squad) on 8/28/09. The employee told me that they charge $69.99 to Diagnose the computer; the employee told me that the geek squad would call me when they were done. I received a voice mail message from the geek squad 4 days later on 8/31/09. I went to the store and talked to the employee about the (PC). I was told that the Hard Drive was bad. I asked the employee what needed to be done to get the (PC) working again. The employee said, "The Hard Drive in your computer needs to be replaced". I asked "How much will that cost?" I was told, $129.99 + $49.99 + $69.99 + price of a new hard drive. I was told hard drive price was around $50.00. (Copy of service order included with this letter) I told the employee NO THANK YOU and that I was not ready to spend that much on the (PC). I paid the $69.99 for the diagnostics and took my NOT WORKING (PC) home. I was OK with the $69.99 diagnostics charge at that time. That same night my next-door neighbor and I were talking about the (PC) problem I was having and he told me that his teenage son fixes his computer when it stops working properly. I asked my neighbor to have his teenage son look at my (PC) to see what he can do. I gave him the computer, restore CD and power cord. The (PC) DID NOT work properly anyway. Two (2) hours later that teenager came to my door with my WORKING computer. I asked the teenager how he fixed it and he told me that he formatted the hard drive 2 times in a row. He also told me that he had to do the same thing to his friends (PC) he fixed a few weeks before. He formatted the (PC) then turned it off rite away, restarted the (PC) reformatted again then installed the operating system. I spent 20 minutes checking out the (PC) then I paid him the $50.00 he wanted for fixing it and Thank him over & over again.

I took the WORKING (PC) back to the geek squad and talked to an employee named; Francisco Tapia. I asked to talk to the manager (Andy or Mahmud) and Francisco Tapia said "He is not here and will not be in until much later, can I help you?" I explained the whole story and asked for the $69.99 to be credited back to my credit card for the FAULSE diagnoses. Francisco Tapia told me that the geek squad was NOT going to give me a refund because the hard drive was bad and the diagnoses found bad sectors in it. I opened & turned on the notebook and showed Francisco Tapia that the notebook was working fine. Francisco Tapia said "We could have made the (PC) work by reinstalling the operating system too but it would have cost you more then the $69.99 we charged you. All I was told when I picked it up was that my Hard Drive was bad and needed to be replaced.

I understand what happened here, Best Buy (Geek Squad) wanted to sell a new hard drive to me and make money off me for the Installation Fee, New Hard Drive Fee, Operating System Installation Fee and the HW Install Fee whatever that is.

I honestly wonder how many people this company has RIPPED OFF?

I am writing this letter to you on the notebook computer that the Geek Squad said needed a new hard drive to work and were going to charge me about $300.00 for.

The wireless Internet, the speakers, the DVD player and everything else works now.

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Guessing you're a best buy employee, as am I. The geek squad is a complete ripoff and you're probably better off taking it to a teenager or someone who is going to gouge your wallet for all its worth.

The geek squad people are far from professional and use a bunch of software to run there diagnostics instead of taking the components out and testing them individually. They usually lack the knowledge needed to troubleshoot a computer without this software they rely so heavily on. There have been numerous times when the geek-squad employees have been made *** out of due to me correcting their "diagnoses." Don't trust geek-squad, look up a local technician who isn't going to gouge your wallet.

You're much better off. Also black tie protection is a complete rip off.


Hello, I am Robert. I posted the original comment on here.

I looked back and read all the comments that were left to me. This is an up-date. I am writing this on the same laptop that Geek Squad said needed a new hard drive in it to work and were going to charge me about $300 to fix. As you can see it is now 2 years seance I posted my original complaint and the laptop is still working fine.

I HAVE NOT & WILL NOT go to best buy ever again. I hope someone else learns from this, I know I have!


Tard. How many hours did your "freind's teenager" have the computer?

Had to be at least 2 hours, but probably more so he could play with it to get everything set up correctly it can take all night. I've done this a thousand times on many types of computers and notebooks. So lets multiply 5 hours X $125 per hour (cheap house-call hourly rate) and that's what your little fix actually cost society. You need to pay people what they are worth.

Obviously this was something you couldn't handle on your own because you are not smart enough. Yet you want someone else to do it for free.

You are the reason our economy is so bad. People like you want everything for free.


If you have to ask me How many hours did my "freind's teenager" have the computer, Then it is Obvious that you didn't read my post or your head is too far up your *** to see the post!!!!


I will tell you this lmao. All in all i had a worm maybe you can say and it was eating and destroying my harddrive/ computer i cant remember but i know that the gbs where going up and down reformed it realllly quickly and then i couldn't get internet on my computer.

Needless to say Alls i need to do was just install the network driver. I had a backup computer thank god of i knew this would have never happen. He told me to get something out of the network like the driver i needed. Download a software on the other computer put it on a hardrive then just simply add it on.

IT WOULD HAVE COST ME 185 bucks and i told him i had a gift card for it and he just simply said as long as you don't say nothing Just have it as a gift cause it was just about the 22nd of december 09. I was like wow yes I'll keep my mouth shut and he just said okay thank you and we hung up. Oh ya and the first guy that Was suppose to come out never came and the guy that called said that was odd got busy with another customer or something.

RIP OFF but thanks dude!! ^^


To John, You are an Educated ***!!!!!!!!!!!!


apparently JOHN must be a manager @ geek sir are a jacka**


i used to work for geek squad. i applied because i "thought" it was doing what i like, working with computers.

my first day, a customer came in with an infected pc (malware). i asked them if they were familiar with a program called malwarebytes. they said no, so after i explained the process to the customer, they happily left. my manager pulled me to the side and told me if i mention that program to another customer, i was fired.

so day 2, i'm trying to help as many people as i can with their pc problems. my manager, again, pulls me to the side and tells me i need to be selling more services. i asked what happened to the original geek squad.

the friendly, helpful computer people. he had no answer, and i politely quit the job.


My laptop crashed. I took it to Best Buy and they looked at it and told me the laptop had a virsus and it would cost $200 to repair.

I said no thanks I should just get a new laptop.

Long story short I came home used my other computer to research the virsus and removed the virsus for free and laptop works again. DO NOT USE BEST BUY


Let us clarify this: You had a broken laptop. You didn't know why it was broken (if you did, you wouldn't have gone to BB).

So you went to BB and they, very nicely, told you there was a virus. They then offered a completely optional service that would remove it for you. It doesn't matter what it costs. Its something you couldn't do on your own (obviously) yet you don't want to pay someone else to do it either.

You are what is wrong with this country today. You want everything for free. So I don't see what you are complaining about. Most people are even dum(b)er than you and wouldn't have even gotten this far.

So telling people to just sit home with their broken computers instead of paying a professional to fix it is just wrong on your part. And this is you now after reading this: :cry :cry :cry :cry


wanted to call Geek squad but after readig comments I was afraid of being "taken"........where are the good comments?


That dumb *** that was talkin the mono n how best buy is worth it u are a total *** the hdd running or not does not effect the mono yes they r connected n without a mono ur pc won't run n wow head scratcher u hve to make things isn't that y ur ther n ur goin to charge more just bcuz u wer an *** an needed an extra 3 hours to do a 5 min job retards exactly wut best buy hires n they still think they know wut they r doin right back to me john i will school u on another level on pcs


at Written by Lou, on 10-04-2010 14:03

Your completely off base. Is the task easy?

Yes. But what if the MOBO fails because as the dip *** you are you didn't ground yourself and shocked the mobo. Now your looking at a $300 repair. That's exactly why it costs because you pay to have it done professionally and a warranty if that mobo fails because yes it does happen and no it's not always the tech's fault then they have insurance to pay it.

I am tired of people complaining about prices to upgrade or repair a computer because here's the truth people with little knowledge will mess with their PC and *** something up then they'll come to me all flustered an angry claiming they didn't do anything which entails to me having to figure out what they "didn't" do. I mean I've went to install ram and what people don't understand is sometimes computers are weird because the manufacturer had a weird quark that they probably had a reason to so what ends up happening is me spending more time than I wanted to figuring out why your computer won't accept this chip that's supposed to be accepted. This system goes both ways when it comes to a flat-fee based system sometimes I come off with more money and sometimes I lose money because it takes more than what it should. It's all about numbers and what I'm worth.

Why should I get paid $10 to install a memory chip when I've been in the business for 8+yrs with a degree to back it up. You pay for my expertise and if you don't like it you can do it yourself and chance *** up your PC.


So you decided to sink 8+ years of schooling into ripping people off? That's pretty funny.

And this whole hard drive thing. I bet you guys don't even take the panel off. You see an error and oh it's the hard drive. Haha.

You charge people 70 dollars for incorrect diagnostics and all you do is run some essentially obselete programs (if you actually did your job). Was your schooling in snake oil trade?


I would just like to inform you...Any computer can be reformatted and the PC may work for a bit because a failing HD does not mean that the HD cannot be continued to be used BUT it does mean a chance of loss of Data and extra cost if you don't have a friend whose a technician. A failing HD can take anywhere from 1 day to 3 or even 4 years to become unusable.

Basically a program is run to determine if the HD is faulty the technician isn't going to do much more than read the result of the program and inform you. While you may feel that they were just trying to sell you extra services I can assure you as a technician when I see a failing HD no matter how small I immediately inform the client because their data is very important and I inform them that while the HD is not in a complete failure it would be BEST advised to replace it now before all is lost I mean how fun would it be to use it for 6 months and say oh well no worries because this teenager says my computer is fine and then BAM computer can't find OS computer won't boot to it and you have an important paper for class or work and you have to pay a technician $200ish to recover the data and even then theres no set in stone that it can be. While there are technicians who take advantage of unknowing clients I hate to see someone who honestly has no technical background taking a teenagers advice who also doesn't have the training. I myself when I was young thought that these professionals are so *** and charging for things that don't need to be replaced but I ended up being wrong just a couple times and that changes everything.

It's like a car just because you have an oil leak doesn't necessarily mean you need to have the hoses replaced but not replacing it can cause further damage to the car and be an inconvenience to you. There's a reason schooling is necessary to be a SUCCESSFUL technician and theres a reason why there is Certifications that cost $150-$250 PER and about 6 just to start off.

So the next time you decide to make a post because a teenager "fixed" your computer please get more than one opinion especially a professionals. Thank you for reading and have a nice day


I felt like the geek squad knew less about my computer than I did. I would never sign up for the service again. don't make the


Best Buy doesn't hire professionals, they hire people that can sell without feeling bad for dumb people that pay too much. Don't ever forget that!


Geek Squad is nothing but major *** artist! All they do to fix any problem in mostly windows computers is put in there geek squad MRI BDE CD and it basically fixes it for them without them doing anything and making money!

They dont know how to really fix cpu's...

they do it the easy way... *** GEEKS!


Geek Squad are MAJOR *** artists. I am SO glad I went with my aunt when she bought her first laptop.

I made sure they did talk her into their *** optimization services when she bought it. I am always involved with any computer purchases in my family to make sure these crooks don't gouge any of them.

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