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RE: Order # 00767-965367484

Oct. 12, 2011

Dear Messrs. Schultze and Dunn:

Over the years I have shopped at Best Buy numerous times and spent thousands of dollars with your stores. (Check phone # 404-456-9074 if you care to see the record) Overall my experiences have been favorable. In my most recent experience that was not the case.

Before I even start let me state that everyone in the store has been supportive. (To a point) So has your resolution team in Minneapolis. (To a point) The Geek Squad, however, has been a complete disaster, so bad that I would caution anyone from doing business with them. In fact The Geek Squad has reminded me of various government bureaucracies that I've dealt with. Only worse! Unequivocally, the most inept, incompetent and unprofessional group I've dealt with in my 52 years. Government or private industry. My neighbors warned me, I guess I should have listened!

Recently I had a problem with a HP mini that I bought in Dec, 2010. (Purchased 12/06/10 val#1605-87=679-7368 a $724.04 total transaction for that day-receipt copy enclosed) I took it to the Geek Squad in your Estero, Fl. Store on 9/15. They said that it was still under the (factory) warranty, took the information and computer and sent it out for repair.

On or about 9/20 I received a call that the computer was ready and to come pick it up. My wife took and hour and half of her time to drive to the store and back (not to mention gas) only to find out that was false. A wild goose chase. We were called in error. We'll call that story number one.

On 9/24 I was in the store for another matter. I inquired with Geek Squad about the status. I was told that, "The mother board was bad, it was covered by warranty, that they were waiting on parts and that it should be in the store in a few days." Story number two.

On 9/27 I received a message on my cell that the cost of fixing it was $660 and they were waiting on my approval. I knew this had to be a mistake. $660 to fix a $299 computer that is under warranty? So I called the store again. I was told that there was now a completely different problem, not covered under warranty, and that estimate was correct. I was at work and didn't have time to debate the issue or get into details. That's story number three.

On 9/28 I went to the store and met with the manager and The Geek Squad. I was now told that the original problem stated was true but they were showing the computer purchased in 8/2010 and now out of warranty. Story number four.

Upon hearing that I produced my receipt. Better than that the store called up their own receipt. The computer WAS purchased in Dec. 2010 and IS under warranty. So messages were sent about the correct purchase date and asking them to "escalate" fixing the computer. Story number five.

On 9/28 at 10PM I received the same message as before, that to fix my $299 computer it would be $660 and I needed to call the store for approval. I immediately called 800-geek-squad and wasted 5 minutes telling him the above story. He said, "No problem, I'll connect you with tech support and it will be 1 minute, 2 minutes, max." 25 minutes after being on hold and hearing that decadent music, I've given up and going to bed. I'll call the store tomorrow. Let's call that story number six.

On the morning of the 29th, I called the store again. I was told that the "escalation" had been sent and received, but no more news than that. Later, I receive an email from Geek Squad telling me that I can track my order. I enter the order number in and get a big, blank, white screen. No info at all. It then asked me if I would like to take a survey. I did! Want to guess what ratings I gave them?

On Saturday, Oct. 1 I called the store again and talked to Heather. She said that she was aware of the problem and receiving emails. Nothing else.

On Oct. 3 I called The Geek Squad. They had no record of my order. After that I receive 2 more emails stating that my order was in progress and I can enter the order number. I did just that and once again got that big, blank white screen with no information. I was once again asked to take a survey. And once again, want to guess what I said?

On Oct. 5 I finally had enough. I called your corporate offices. I was transferred to The Geek Squad and after holding while hearing that decadent music once again for over 25 minutes I hung up. I called your corporate offices once again. Finally I was able to talk to Mr. Dean McCloskey, Executive Resolution Team. He was very supportive and said that he would get back to me.

Before he did, I received a call from Chad, the store manager. He too was supportive. But just like Mr. McCloskey, he told me same thing that I've been hearing for over 3 weeks. The Geek Squad is working on it! He said that he would keep me informed. He hasn't and has not been available by phone ever since. (expect for once) Ditto with manager Heather Dwyer who will not return phone calls.

On Oct. 7 I once again called the store. No information at all. And of course The Geek Squad website is useless as all I gets is a big white, blank screen when I enter my order number.

On Oct. 9 I spoke with the store manager. (Chad) "Order is in process, don't know if they're waiting for parts or actually working on it." Go back to story number 2 on Sept.24. Sounds very familiar, doesn't it?

On Oct. 10 at 1030 AM I received the following email from The Geek Squad. (again for the umpteenth time!) "Your product is in the hands of Geek Squad®, getting the care and attention it needs. We are working diligently to complete the job as quickly as possible "" no action on your part is necessary. We'll contact you as soon as the product is complete and ready for pickup.

We're on it. Things will be better soon."

Give me a break!

Also on Oct. 10 I called Chad and Dean McCloskey, neither no where to be found.

On Oct. 11 I receive the same idiotic email from the Geek Squad with that worthless tracking number. I also called the store. Chad is no where to be found. Ditto with Dean McCloskey.

Today, Oct. 12 is the limit. I am an airline pilot and need that computer for my job to carry required electronic manuals. For the last 4 weeks I've had to carry hard copies of those manuals adding about 30 pounds to the junk that I already have to carry.

At 1PM central time I was passing through DFW and saw that I had a voice mail. "Hello, this is the Geek Squad and we need your approval to fix your computer. Please call you local store to discuss the charges." We're back to where we were on Sept. 15! That's the computer that is under warranty! Pathetic!

I called the store. Chad was no where to be found but I talked to Berry with The Geek Squad. He told me that he had sent an "˜escalation" and the computer should be ready in a few days. Sorry pal, that's the same story that you had 2 weeks ago and every day since. You've got to get a new line. Although upset, I realized that I did have to fly 188 passengers to MIA and it might be better to drop it there.

So gentlemen here's where we are and what I propose. It's obvious I'm not going to get my computer fixed. Tomorrow, I'm going out to buy a work computer from a reputable, competent retailer. That will solve that problem.

What I'm asking from you is that you refund my $299.99 that I paid on 12/6/10 either on my credit card or by check. While I'll acknowledge that there has been some deprecation on the computer, I feel that it's the least that you can do for all of my hours on the phone, only to be repeatedly lied to as well as the inconvenience.

Also, I remember purchasing extended warranties for my other computer, washer/dryer and my TV. If any parts of those warranties are valid (I know at least one is) I would like a probated refund for the amount left on the said warranties. After all, it should be obvious by now that Best Buy/Geek Squad warranties are worthless.

For my part, I promise that neither myself, my family or any of our money will ever bother your stores again. My wife, being an immigrant from South America constantly has friends and family visiting. On every visit the always purchase $1K-$2K worth of electronics to take back. I can also make sure that they, or anyone else that I can convince will ever bother anyone in your stores again.

If these terms are not acceptable I have no problem taking this matter to court. Our state's attorney general, local chamber of commerce, BBB, as well a local TV and consumer advocates have already been notified about your unscrupulous business practices.

I wait your response.

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So I looked up your service order at work today. It looks like you were trying to get a computer that was TWO years old fixed under the persona that it was still in the manufactures warranty.

You have two separate yet very similar laptops. One purchased in 2009 and the other last year. The one you brought geek squad was purchased in 2009. Therefore it is out of the warranty period. I also saw in your service order that you verbally abused geek squad agents when they called you to clarify the situation.

So in a nutshell you have no case whatsoever. Stop being an ***.

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