I purchased multiple items from Best Buy over the last several years. Items such as TVs, home entertainment systems, Computers, etc.

Each item had the "no interest" promotion as long as monthly payments made on time and balance paid off by a specific date. I made all the required payments by the dates required yet the added the deffered interest charges back to my balance after the promotion date ended. Prior to my purchases, other had told me about this practice. I didn't listen.

I am done making in more purchases from Best Buy. This is a warning to others.

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Hate Best Buy, they are a scam with these promotions. Be careful. I ended up paying for the stuff twice!!!


Pay off everything a month before the promotion ends. No problems. If not, save your money over two years then make that big purchase you want.

to Anonymous #1492491

Don’t do paperless statements and set up an alarm or calendar event, make sure you pay 100%. We got hurt with 100% of interest accrued at 24.5% despite that our balance was only 10% of the original promotion...

we just forgot to set up a calendar event, paperless sattemnet and 24 month later didnt remember and it was bad! We are so upset with this and with Best Buy responsethat we no longer buy from Best Buy ever.


I too had wondered why my account balance suddenly jumped up with a 45% interest charge. Apparently you have to call "customer service" to tell them how to redirect the additional payment to go towards the "INTEREST FREE" scam.


Tucson, Arizona, United States #947413

I had the same problem. I have bern scammed bigtime.

They promised 18 months interest free---not deferred---free. Then I suddenly find $700 added to my account. When I complained they said I could have avoided it by paying them $1500.

It doesn't even make sense, as before they added the interest on I only owed them around $900. I shopped there regularly, but they have completely lost me as a customer.


Absolutely. I paid every month for two years on time.

My payment was due the 22nd, so sometimes they got the payment in on the 21, sometimes the 22, and occasionally the 23d. I had set up all the payments beforehand to arrive on time and be done before the interest charges kicked in. For two years, they never told me paying on the 23d was a problem, never charged me late fee or said it was a problem. Until apparently my last statement came in, two months after I thought I was done, saying I had late fees, which meant my account was now past the no-interest period, and all of a sudden, my balance went up from zero to $223.

Their excuse: Oh, we changed to Citi, and even one day after the due date counts as late, and incurs late fees. That's how they got me. The scammers. Never again.

This is a scam and I would love to sue them.

Any lawyers out there .... let's take those bastards on!!!!!

Titusville, Florida, United States #788169

It always amazes me that people blame the retail corporation for the actions of the bank controlling the card. Best Buy does not control the credit card nor the credit agreement, that is handled by Citibank.

Best Buy does not lend money which is what the credit card is. Best Buy basically funnels customers to Citibank.

Citibank is the one who handles any rules on payments, interest, and the like. Best Buy has nothing to do with that.

to Anonymous #800516

BUT...Best Buy Hired CitiBank to be a rep for the company!


Yes Best Buy financing is indeed a scam but shame on me for not informing myself better before my purchase. I purchased a TV for approximately $1,800.00 three years ago.

I thought making my payments were going to this purchase. Over three years I am certain I have paid at least $2,500.00 in payments. There are a few other purchases on my card from time to time. I just got hit with $1799.00 in interest on my TV purchase.

They told me its becuase they dont credit all the money you pay until the last two billing cycles. Which means I have not paid for this purchase. A scam in deed!! *** me though.


Dont buy anything from them people cash or charge.. Hopefully their financial troubles several months back will put them where they belong.

Out of busness!!! What goes around comes around....

to Oakatie , SC #815442



That's your fault, not theirs. You didn't pay off the bill in time, you live with the consequences.

I had the same thing happen with the Ashley furniture store. The difference was, I paid the entire bill off a month early and got to spread the payment for my couch over five months.

These work for you, not against you, if you pay everything off on time. If you think it's a scam, it's your own fault.


If the bank is charging you interest or is claiming you didnt pay off you bill even if you did, that has nothing to do with best buy. seriously people, this is so dumb.

you cant blame best buy for the bank scewing up or for your own screw ups. They dont control billing in any way.


People pleeeeease dont buy anything at the best buy, those "people" are scums and fraud! Their sell veeery poor quality products.

The laptop that i got 6 month ago is falling apart, they called me an told me that they charge 125$ interest while i was told if i will pay minimum payment in time i will be fine, but amount i was paying all that time was incorrect, because when i bought item i was told wrong info, and whole time i was paying minimum amount and their dumb unprofessional staff didnt tell me that Im paying wrong, basically they just screw people like that, mostly students an elderly.

We still trying to fix this problem, all i know i dont want this piece of waste laptop and i will never buy at best buy anymore. Never Never, hope someone sue them and close!

to Mary #788039

First off if your not smart enough to stay away from large chain stores with laptops and stop buying cheap ones at that . best buy does not make the product im an avid buyer of many electronics alienware sagar etc But if trying to finance an low quality laptop from best buy that's just silly really .

go direct to dealer for any laptop case closed. Any low grade product under 1200$ go OEM not big dealer like bb or w.e. really .

another you mention no kind of laptop but state don't buy any well i just bought an lg oled 55 inch and its absolutly stunning . stop being cheap go big or shhh


Went to Best Buy to day and tried to charge $60 on my BB CC. Declined, ok why, never missed a payment, never been late.

Now we have been buying all major electronics in our house for the last 7 years from BB, always getting the free interest and always paying far more than minimum and always paying off early. Very carefully to never be late, even when I did not receive a statement. Over the years we have bought two 50in big screens and a couple of 46s. along with sound systems, Ipad and at least 4 computers.

And lots of little things like cameras and GPS etc. The last major purchase was a 40in HD TV, which had 24mo interest free. I just send then a few hundred every month. Well in early summer I happened to notice a finance charge, so I went back and noticed it was on every statement since I bought the last TV.

Call and got the usually runaround. After being transferred I threatened to cancel my account if they did not get it straightened out. After another 30 minutes on the phone I thought all was well. Continued to send $500 every month for the next several months, with a final payment in October of about $475.

For the first time in many years I did not owe BB credit. Well they did cancel my account, and a call to them, they would not reinstate my account. They said I could reapply. I am guessing here, but I bet the HDBC buys the paper from Best Buy at face value and expect to make money when people fall behind and interest is charged.

The Looser is Best Buy. I probably did not need or at least could have easily lived without much of what we bought.

So Thanks HSBC. You have done use a huge favor in your scheme of greed and fraud.


Same thing happened to me just today. Opened up a bill and there was an additional $400.00+ dollars which was posted on 6/26 for a deferred charge of interest. I called them immediately as my balance should have been about 280.00 and reached their Customer Service agent who I think was in India. I spoke to a very nice individual who said they would reduce the interest by 50% as this was their practice in these types of situations, so obviously other folks have had this happen to them. Not satisfied I asked to speak to his Supervisor and I was transferred this time to the Philipines. That gentlemen reiterated to me the 50% off the interest was their best offer. Reaching the end of my rope I requested I be transferred to someone in the States in their main office. I was transferred to a floor supervisor in Illinois. That gentlemen told me I should have read my last statement in May more carefully as there was a statement (in small print) and not highlighted indicating the interest would be charged. I explained to him I pay everything online and when I go online I reach the Account Overview page, read my balance and then click on Make a Payment which I now know was a BIG Mistake and apologized for my ignorance but it was a simple mistake. There was no alert on that page and I then told him to avoid the interest that was charged on 6/26 I would pay in full my account today but to please remove the $400.00+ dollars in Interest. I then explained I am a very good customer of Best Buy and know now after speaking with them how to use their online payment site. He indicated ,in an annoyed voice, that he would *** 65% of the interest but that was it, no more no less. I then asked what my balance would then be and he reiterated it would be my balance less the 65% of interest. I told him I did not have a calculator and I would like to know the balance. He finally accomodated my request. When my husband overheard the conversation going on asked me to talk to this persons supervisor as he was not providing me will good customer service. At that point the Best Buy person indicated if I escalated it to his supervisor he was taking away the 65% off the interest and the deal was off. He asked me if I agreed that the deal was off and I indicated I wanted to speak to someone other than him about the website. Again he said the deal was off if I escalated the call. When he got nasty about it I said yes the deal was off and I wanted to speak to his supervisor. I asked for his name which he hesitated but then provided his first and employee number and his supervisors firstname and employee number. He transferred my call and I reached a voicemail where I left a message. Right now I am waiting to hear back from them which will really surprise me if I do.

Their customer service is something to be desired as is their website - yes I know I made a mistake but they should be able to work with me in a professional manner as I am a customer as deserve to be treated in a professional manner.

Will have second thoughts about purchasing at Best Buy again!!!!! Unless I do it in cash.

to anonymous #1627956

Dont purchase with cash from that store. Ridiculous 14 day return policy.

Go to Costco which has a 90 day return policy no questions asked. Or go to fries. Everyone should boycott Best Buy. My 89-year-old friend is legally blind and she financed a refrigerator and made all the payments on time to avoid interest.

They scammed her for $800 in interest charges at the last bill. What is her recourse?


Just because you made the required payments on the required date doesn't mean you actually paid off the entire balance. They give you a minimum payment, but you have to actually do the math yourself to figure out exactly how much you have to pay every month to pay off the total amount you spent.

So every time you purchase something with the no interest financing you have to figure out how much your monthly payments would be and add that with the existing purchases you have on the card.

Point is, there are things about Best Buy that I don't like, but the financing is one of the best things they have.

to pov9596 Chicago, Illinois, United States #919806

I really don't understand all of the negative comments about Best Buy's financing options. How can you not know how much you owe even when you make additional purchases that are not being financed?

Most of you seem to be so confused as to what you're responsible for. If you're unsure just used the card for that one purchase and charge nothing else on the card for the next 18 months until the purchase is paid off. This way, there is no way to get mixed up as to what is owed under the special financing and what is owed on non financed purchases.

It's my responsibility to make sure the total is paid in full within 18 months. Just keep it simple.

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