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Update by user Oct 06, 2014

I should mention my original problems with my computer. Right out of the box without ANY installations or third party alterations, it ran as slow as my grandmother.

In a blizzard. With pitpulls latched onto her legs.

Seriously, I have NEVER seen such a sluggish computer. After using it for 30 minutes it gets slower and slower until it is UNUSABLE. Web browsers take 30 seconds to load half a webpage.

My basic paint program lags and is completely useless (have you tried painting with a lagging paintbrush?) My 5 year old computer I replaced with this computer ran better - no lie! It did.

There is clearly a hardware or software (or both) issue here with this system. I have tried all the tricks in the book to speed it up, updated all drivers without any success.

I even checked for issues with diagnostic tools but they turned up nothing. AVOID THIS COMPUTER LIKE IT'S COUGHING EBOLA SLIME ON YOU.

Original review posted by user Oct 06, 2014

After being duped by the glowing reviews and number of stars on a certain computer system (HP Pavilion 400-224) I bought it. It is the WORST computer I have ever owned, slow right out of the box.

I began looking through the reviews and compared them to reviews on other websites, and I saw trend: the five-star reviews for this computer on Best Buy's website were written in poor English and generic, and sometimes even making unnecessary compliments about Best Buy. The 1 star reviews cited the exact same issues I had with the computer. Strangely, the 1-star reviews were heavily "thumbed down", presumably those making the 5-star ratings. On other websites, the Pavilion 400-224 was uniformly criticized for the same issues I had - no fake good reviews there.

The fake reviews on Best Buy's website are transparently obvious and pervasive. I will NEVER buy from Best Buy again, based on my personal purchase experience and now seeing that they astroturf reviews to control the media.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Website.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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This computer is sadly what desktops are becoming. External power supply, cheap components, and basically a tablet processor. This model came loaded with so much bloatware it would barely run right out of the box.


Your kinda paranoid aren't you? Best Buy using reviews to control the media?

You need to put your foil hat back on so they can't read your thoughts too. If the computer didn't work correctly right out of the box then why the *** did you not return it and get a different computer, like a different model hp or another manufacturer entirely? Sounds like you were too busy coming to ridiculous conclusions about "fake" reviews. A normal person would have simply taken the computer back the same day or the next day and returned it or got a refund.

I'm not saying that those reviews are fake, but even if they were who cares? Just go get a computer that works.


best buy paying you to troll? the company is a joke at best and a fraud at worst... they should be avoided at all costs

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