Saint Marys, West Virginia

Bought a Insignia 50" Plasma (Model NS-P502Q-10A) with 4 year extended warranty in 02/06/2010 at Best Buy ... my first mistake!

Couple weeks ago we were watch TV (morning news) ... a couple of popping sounds start coming from the TV then a loug buzzing sound and some color distortion. Next, comes a really loud pop and the upper left-hand part of screen cracks internally and the TV proceeds to stop functioning!

We contact Best Buy and they schedule a TV repairman to access what's wrong with our TV and send them a report. Well, some greasy looking kid shows up in a minivan with only a blanket, cordless drill, and iPhone for taking picutres with. This *** takes a few pictures, removes and back panel (does nothing that amounts to anything), and re-installs back panel and hauls ***!

Now having a degree in electrical engineering and having repaired a few plasma's, I know you can't determine what's faulty just by looking at it in most cases. I mentioned to this *** that one of the boards had a blown fuse and that it may also be damaged and all I got was a blank look and that he'd make a note of it.

Of course, we get a call from Best Buy a week later letting me know that they were going to *** me over! Apparently, the greasy looking TV repair punk wrote in his report that our TV had externally damage! Our TV is in mint condition (not one scratch on it anywhere) so clearly this repair company is in bed with Best Buy because this isn't the first fraudulent report they have submitted!

Were in the process of getting a second TV repairman that isn't in Best Buy's backpocket to build our case against these *** conartists!

After we get a second opinion that's not a freaking lie, we plan on suing the TV repairman for conspiracy to commit fraud and then were turning the rest over to the state attorney general to tear Best Buy a new ***.

Best Buy preys on people who tuck tail and run but they screwed up when they tried to *** me over. I knocked the telephone company down a few notches a several years ago because of a voice mail scam they tried to pull on me so these thieves don't stand a chance in *** of getting away with this ***!

Monetary Loss: $800.

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There is an issue with Best Buy salesmen claiming that the extended warranty will cover ANY damage with a free replacement. I have bought a camera, laptop and television, and, when I asked how they will stand up to a 2 year-old, I was specifically told that the warranty will cover anything, including accidental breakage.

I was told this not once, but three times on different occasions by different salesmen. Now that I'm having an issue, they are saying something different.

I'm going back to the store today to talk to another manager to see what he says.


Well u are just a regular old rebel. U will do nothing.


Let me take a whack at this. You broke your TV, which explains the external cracks and now you're mad that Best Buy isn't going to fix your TV due to your own negligence. That sounds more believable than your crybaby tirade.