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i have an extended warranty by best buy for 2 years. The computer stopped working the evening of december 7th.

the store was closed. So I called them on December 8th promptly. They informed me that my warranty expired on december 7th. The store was closed.

The computer broke in the evening.

I was told by their terrific geek squad that I was out of luck. Common sense, If this happened christmas eve and the store was closed for christmas. Who I still be out of luck. No one is interested in helping me.

Not even the corporate office.

I have decided to never buy from best buy again. I will tell everyone my experience. Just picture this your care engine blows up On jan 1. Your warranty expired that day.

You could not go to the dealer. Tough luck you loose. Something is rotten in Denmark!!!!. Besides they call it a 2 year warranty.

The manufacturer gives you 90 days.

So Best buy is selling you a 21 month warranty not a 2 year warranty. Nice rip off.

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if I buy an extended warranty for the broken computer they will then fix it. The cost of the warranty is $219.

How could any honest company let you buy a warranty on a broken computer and then cover it for breakage.Best buy is a dishonest company. They can not be trusted. Just the fact they want to do this is dishonest. I refused.

They said they would give me a free estimate to fix it. Stay away from Best buy. They are in financial difficulties and will certainly be out of business. Save your complaint and paperwork.

Soner or later there will be a class action lawsuit against best buy and you can join in on it. Best buy is a desperate retailer trying to save its self by being dishonest.


Take the time to file a formal complaint with your attorney general. I received a call yesterday from best Buy.

How they got my number I do not know. Perhaps from the attorney generals office. They offered to extend the warranty and fix the computer. The extended warranty would have costed more than the computer originally did.

I said no. they then offered free diagnostics and shipping and would provide me with a estimate. I said no way. They are outright dishonest.

How could they offer me an extended warranty on a computer that is currently broken??? It is easy to see that they are scamming the public. I have no trust in them and will never go business.

No one sells an extended warranty on an item that is currently broken. Keep filing complaints maybe we can get these *** bags so justice


@niceone2150 you are right on the money. Store manager is incompetent if he/she couldn't take care this customer.

Making customers feel small by treating him as if he was trying to escape from Alcatraz only gets you what you deserved - a call from the Attorney General's office. Whay would a business owner not want to create loyal customers and repeat business?

@jeffh - the refurbs come from Sony - under their warranty.

Your Geek Squad Black Tie Plan is doing you no good. The plan administrator does not override the mfr warranty.


Bought a warranty this time with my PS3 because the last one died an early death. This one also died an early death.

When I bought the warranty they said that if they couldn't fix it they would give me a new one. When I actually had a problem they didn't give me a new one but instead had a REFURBISHED unit sent from Sony. It lasted one day and a half. I went back and they said all they could do is have another REFURBISHED unit sent to me.

They tell you one thing about the warranty when they try to sell you on it and then when you actually have to use it they do something different. Very frustrating and costly for the customer. What happens when the next REFURBISHED unit dies?? More frustration.

NO MORE WARRANTIES FOR ME. Maybe no more Best Buy for me.





It is never a waste of time to file formal complaints with the appropriate consumer agencys. I am sure enough complaints to the attorney general and the better business burea will draw attention to the retailer.

If everyone just lied down and rolled over, american would probably have been long gone by now. All consumers should stand up for their rights. The situation I described in no way is abuse by a consumer toward a large retail chain. Its just the little guy being honest and explaining something that happens often.

Do you think that the next guy would be interested in finding out how best buy would treat him in a similar situation.

If anything this is an education for the consumer. I never thought best buy would not honor the warranty under these conditions..


To best buy junkie. All the posts on the internet concerning the poor customer relationship individuals are having with best buy will eventually hurt their reputation.

If you were an honest retailer, you would probably honor the warranty under these conditions. It is obvious the consumer is not trying to cheat best buy. I was a vice president of two local department stores. Do you honestly think I would have treated a valued customer the way best buy did.

We are talking the very next day when the store opened. Not 2 days a week or monthe later. The first opportunity to call. I bought a lot from best buy in the past and will never buy again.

I have told everyone I know about this. Word of mouth is more damaging to a stores reputation than you think.

I might this evening place a large poster in my auto back window explaining this situation and park it in front of best buy. I am sure holiday shoppers would be pleased to know what they are getting into when they deal with best buy.


Good waste of time filing the complaint your laptop broke on December 7 after the store was closed. you called December 8th(warranty was already expired) technically best buy has no reason to satisfy the warranty if it was expired i think this one you lose.

CASE CLOSED that paper that says warranty expires December 7th is the contract and its voided at 12:00 am December 8th.

The store was open on Dec 7 for normal hours 9am-10pm if your laptop took a *** after those hours sorry to say that is Tough luck that it breaks on the last day of warranty. Good luck with that i see not going to far


Just filed a complaint with the Pa. attorney general.

We will see what happens. Everyone who has had best buy scam them should file a complaint with their attorney general and the better business bureau.


Simon works for best buy. He responds to a lot of best buy complaints. Check the one about the broken tv on black friday.


Simon, to bad you lack common sense. try calling best buy and going in the store at 11:pm.

They are not open, thats why i called first thing the next morning. If you still do not understand this, ask someone with a IQ higher than you to explain it to you.

My 7 year old nephew can understand this. Would you like me to have him call you and explain it to you???


Your warranty expired when you reported the problem. In other words you did not have a warranty and asked Best Buy to fix your computer for free and are crying because they won't.

You do not have a valid complaint. Case closed.


ilove best buy i get my cds and dvds from there i even get xbox games imma make sure this never happens to me ill pick a better place :sigh


Bogus, you do not even use common sense. I called the first chance I had.

It broke the evening of the 7th. I called the 8th. So *** your saying it broke on the 8th. Are you a best buy worker of investor.

You do not think this ever happens. Sounds just like the guy who says it will never happen to me.


look up niceone2150 on the front page! *** don't break on the last day of warranty right after the store closes...unless ur black!


I say this story is bogus. There is no way your computer stopped working the day your warranty expires. It probably stopped working after your warranty expired and you're just mad they wouldn't make an exception and fix it after the warranty had expired.