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I quit my job at best buy about three months ago. I worked there for almost exactly a year, and it is by FAR the worst job I have ever had. I am continually amazed at how much better my current job is.

I picked up the job right after I graduated college until I could find something more suited towards my career aspirations. This was a problem for management however, since I wasn't a kiss-*** trying to get a higher position, nearly all of them disliked me. Never mind that I saved the company money by fixing all kinds of organizational problems in our GeekSquad, or that I routinely was the one going out of my way to try and satisfy disgruntled customers, that all the coworkers in Geeksquad who depended on me to follow through with repairs/callbacks were never disappointed.

I am a very honest person, I should have known better than to go into sales. Sales you ask? But you worked in the Geeksquad, that is repair, not sales! No. It is sales. There is so much pressure from management to sell completely unnecessary 'services', we barely had time to do any repairs.

Computer Optimization? Rip off. Recovery Disc Creation? Rip off. Diagnostic Fee? Rip off. We were so crippled in store, that even while a good number of us (not all) could actually repair computers, we either didn't have time, didn't have the proper equipment, or were required under policy to send it off to the service center - a logistics nightmare which caused many more problems than it repaired, they didn't even give us a number to call the service center at my store to inquire on status, we relied solely on 'escalations' (fancy emails).

If we checked in a computer to have work done on it, and a manager went through and saw on the receipt that we did not charge someone for, say as an example, a diagnostic fee because we already knew what was wrong with it, we were written up or had 45-min long *** outs from no fewer than two managers. I on several occasions had very uncomfortable conversations with management because I 'spent too long helping someone' - ie no one else was in the store and I spent 20min explaining something to a nice couple.

We were constantly understaffed as well. With all the pressure on Geeksquad and the Computer department from management to sell tons of services, they only scheduled enough people to help customers, no one was in the back actually working on anything unless we were slow. On the OFF chance that they did have an extra person scheduled? They were pulled to go on the sales floor because 'people are more likely to believe they need the services when someone in a geeksquad uniform is selling it to them'. The results? We sold tons, returned more because no one was able to actually preform the work in a timely manner.

Several of the problems I had could of been poor management at a store level (which the management at our store was VERY poor with the exception of a few low-level managers), but the more I looked at policy the more I realized the whole sales model of best buy is about the up-front buck. Sell as much as you can. Who cares if they return it? We'll make it difficult so we don't lose as much money! Can't deliver on what you sold? Oh well. There is lip-service to giving good customer service, but the computer systems we use make it exceedingly difficult to return anything, send anything, track anything, repair anything without a huge hassle.

I could go on, but I'll stop. To sum: Worst job I ever had. I have never dealt with worse management, polices, hours, or scheduling. And to top it off, they didn't train me properly - despite my efforts to become properly trained.

No wonder there are so many complaints.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

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I am an employee and this story is true for me 2,


A friend of mind at Bestbuy Colma Ca. works as a Geeksquad Agent mentioned to me that their supervisor pushed them to check in services no less than $200,eventhe computer has no problem or has minor problem that can be fix for $29 half hour labor,they have to lie to the customer so that the customer will pay $200 for advanced diag and repair..and if business is really bad , the supervisor pushes the geeksquad agents to charge $259 for advanced,diag,repair and protection without even installing security software.And the worse is if a customer purchased a protection service plan for their computer and hard drive was replaced ,Colma Geeksquad charged the customers $129.00 to install the Operating System eventhough it is covered by the service plan.They don't careif they stealing money from customers, the most important thing is to hit their budget..technically Bestbuy wants their employees to lie to just hit their budget.If your computer was serviced for virus removal for $200 and you picked up yesterday and got a virus again today you have to pay another $200 because they say at Colma Geeksquad that their work has no warranty.If an Geeksquad agent checksin any servicesunder $200 the supervisor will talk to them or might give them a write up,,basically services under $200 is un acceptable.They made them do things eventhough it is not part of their job descriptions.They don't even care if you can repair computer or not, the important thing is to sale services.He said they were not even trainedtorepair , they just learned on their own..but everyday a manager or supervisor always come to them coaching them how to sale , sale...Geeksquad agents were hired to sale,sale services not to repair..The most ridiculous thing is their are 5 Geeksquad agents on the floor to sale and just 1 agent to fix like more than 10 computers..that's why they get a lot of complains for not getting the repair on time...


When I'm not available my sister has used Geek Squad for little repairs. Reset IE, file association issues, DVD player not recognized in OS, things like that.

Nothing really major. They never charged her, except for the file association error which took almost 45 min to fix. The bill was $29.99.

It sounds like a *** job! Sounds like not all geek squads are the same.

Recovery Disk creation is easy, no doubt.

But most people wont do it, then something happens and it's too late.

So it's just a service, not a rip off. Most of the things Geek Squad does can be done by users, they just refuse to learn how.


With you on all of these comments. I no longer shop there.

A few years back a friend's son quit or was fired because he spent too much time helping a customer. Then I had problems with a brand new computer and when i brought it back to them within the first WEEK they said it had to be mailed back to the manufacturer and could 6-8 weeks! I raised a big stink and they admitted it was defective and replace it....but that was the end of my friendship with them. BTW, love the person who said they go to the store and warn people about the warranty.

There is often so much fine print that we don't read or understand it. We need people who are proactive.

This Guy

The terrible store management is created by terrible district management. There are barely any good people within the company left.

And the ones that are there want to leave. Lucky for you that you left after a year