Monroeville, New Jersey

I've worked at Best Buy for a little over 3 months. I was hired as a "seasonal employee" for the time leading up to and through the Christmas holiday.

The first month was fine, no problems no complaints. As time went on I began to notice things. There were certain groups of people at best buy who stuck together, such as managers, supervisors, sales associates, and warehouse employees. If you worked in that respective department you had to stick together with those people.

If you did not, you would be outcast, labeled as a trouble maker or something along those lines. I for one possess a leader type of personality and have never been the type to conform and follow a clique. I am 25 years old and a college graduate. most of the people I work with are 19-21 with some college or none at all.

They saw that I did not fit in and knew I was not at Best Buy for a career but was simply using the employment as a stepping stone to greater employment opportunities. This made some people very mad and jealous. After 2 month of working I began to experience harassment from certain people. In the form of people who were not my supervisor giving me unreasonable tasks, trash talking behind my back, a homo erotic picture text message from an unknown number to my phone, and a similar picture drawn with my name inside of an 18 wheeler trailer we were unloading.

For the record I am not *** nor have I lead anybody to believe that. It just shows the immaturity that people like myself have to deal with while trying to make an honest buck. The employee who drew the picture was warned by the managers and no action was taken other than the warning. I have asked several supervisors and managers to please place me in another department rather than keep working in the warehouse.

3 weeks has gone by with no results. I continue to get the looks, snickers, and trash talking.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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