Monroeville, New Jersey

I've worked at Best Buy for a little over 3 months. I was hired as a "seasonal employee" for the time leading up to and through the Christmas holiday.

The first month was fine, no problems no complaints. As time went on I began to notice things. There were certain groups of people at best buy who stuck together, such as managers, supervisors, sales associates, and warehouse employees. If you worked in that respective department you had to stick together with those people.

If you did not, you would be outcast, labeled as a trouble maker or something along those lines. I for one possess a leader type of personality and have never been the type to conform and follow a clique. I am 25 years old and a college graduate. most of the people I work with are 19-21 with some college or none at all.

They saw that I did not fit in and knew I was not at Best Buy for a career but was simply using the employment as a stepping stone to greater employment opportunities. This made some people very mad and jealous. After 2 month of working I began to experience harassment from certain people. In the form of people who were not my supervisor giving me unreasonable tasks, trash talking behind my back, a homo erotic picture text message from an unknown number to my phone, and a similar picture drawn with my name inside of an 18 wheeler trailer we were unloading.

For the record I am not *** nor have I lead anybody to believe that. It just shows the immaturity that people like myself have to deal with while trying to make an honest buck. The employee who drew the picture was warned by the managers and no action was taken other than the warning. I have asked several supervisors and managers to please place me in another department rather than keep working in the warehouse.

3 weeks has gone by with no results. I continue to get the looks, snickers, and trash talking.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Law suits for discrimination require a substantial burden of proof. Best buy has the hungriest lawyers in the world after disney.

Dont waste your time, if you dont feel like this is the company for you and you are an intelligent person id move on to greener pastures.

Good luck and make sure you leave on good terms. If you live in an at will work state it doesnt really matter, but otherwise put in your two weeks.


i had problems as well like with got hiring and guaranteed more hours and then my schedule got cut to 5 hrs a week and was told it was due to new employees being hired and its temporarily? i started a month ago like in april!

is that a good sign or bad sign or is it political?

i was hoping to make a career out of it or could i legally transfer to other dept for hrs? need advice.


To sum everything up. Best Buy is : cheap, liars, manipulative, misleading and overall a terrible place to work at.

Our store has computers (even our POS's) from 2004. They all run slow, crash every other hour and are absolutely horrible. No exaggeration. Whoever develops the ETK applications needs slapped and fired, especially for making RSS which is the most unstable piece of software I've ever come across.

I could literally develop something more stable with one hand, drunk and blind... The management is absolutely terrible as well. Getting promotions isn't about seniority, knowledge or kissing ***. It's all about favoritism.

That's what you get when you make kids/idiots mangers and supervisors. They push you to sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves and what do we get out of it? Just our hourly rate. Most people think we're on commission because of how we're taught to sell.

And now there are certain stores doing the 'connected world' BS. Which consists of sales trackers (which cause conflicts between associates), no specified departments anymore, labor cuts and a lot of upset customers because most associates don't know what they're talking about in different areas of the store. The only good thing that has come from me working here for many years is the friends that I've made. I love my fellow sales associates.

Not the management and definitely not the company. As someone else said, I am as well using thing as just a stepping stone. I do my job and I do it well but it has gotten to the point where it just makes me sick. If you can't agree with any of this, you've never worked for this company or you're a Best Buy *** kisser.

Good job Best Buy, for *** up a potential wet dream.

Thanks for reading. (at least I used part of TRUST)


If you had issues with fellow employees, why did you vent on here instead of going directly to HR. It's too late now and you probably will be fired for your posting.


I was hired OS and reported a supervisor for inappropriate behavior during the first week. I was ask if I would put it in writing and I did but nothing happened to the supervisor. Her supervisor, the person who asked me to put in writing was transferred within a day or two.

I when to the GM who told me to hang in there he was working on it. My supervisor, the one I reported now avoids me as if I had the pelage. If I ask for her assistance, she walks away and acts like she cannot hear me when I speak. I told her I wanted to speak to her with a manager she told me, no. What am I to do?

They have told me they want me to stay because everyone else really likes me and I like everyone else. They like the fact that I have one of the highest closing averages with one of the highest BT add-on rates but no one does anything to the supervisor. This person must have something on someone.


Funny, but after reading this thread and others about Best Buy, it's obvious to me that Best Buy has trolls on this and probably other consumer sites reply back nastily to people who've clearly been wronged. It's disgusting.

Oh, yeah, I'm a Best Buy employee by the way. Worst job I've ever had. For the person who accused the poster of being pompous: you're a ***! I'm also educated and am also an honorably discharged military veteran.

I'm also not 18 or 19. I AM better than a bunch of twerps who harrass a guy for no reason. I am also more of a leader, something that there are very few of in Best Buy. I'm not cliquish at all, something that is extremely prevalent.

For being adults and treating people the way we'd like to be treated, WE ARE BETTER!

I would say that any reasonable person would at least listen to what someone like me, and the poster, has to say. If we've made any mistake at all, it's undoubtedly that we took a job at such a *** company!


you sound like a pompous ***, maybe you shouldn't act like your better than everyone and they won't mock you...


there's a policy that protects all retail employees from harassment and violence in the workplace. it doesnt need to happen at work for it to be workplace harrassment.

if a single or group of employess are harrassing you, go straight to your head office and report it. i did the same where i work and it remained anonymous and didnt lose my job for being a "baby"


what about the fact that he lied about info that he says corporate sent him and wont show me is there anything i can do about that?


oops typo in previous comment:

if they ask you if you tried to get it resolved thru hr and management, and you say no, then the case will most likely be dismissed. but if you show you did contact them and nothing was done, then you do have a case.


start documenting what has happened, take pictures, record what was said by who and when.

call HR. if they don't do anything, and you have documentation of continued harassment, seek a lawyer. but make sure you get enough evidence documented.

if you can show that you were being harrased, and informed the company, and that the company failed to do something about it, then you DO have grounds for a lawsuit.

these other people who are saying not to call HR are idiots.

if you do try to take it to court, and they ask you if you ever tried to get it resolved by talking to you managers or HR, then the case will probably be dismissed. SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE TAKING THE PROPER STEPS. If nothing gets fixed, get a lawyer.


I work at a best buy store and i have been there for two years. The other day I was called into the sdr room where the GM was and another manager and they tried to get me to quit by using scare tactics and false information saying corporate sent them a message reporting some info about myself and I was on the *** of being released.

He also said that the store was having a high shrink rate and that they need to deal with the problem. I was like so your accusing me of stealing by saying it that way and the GM was like no not like that. I then asked for the document from corporate but the GM said he would have to find it and he never gave me it. He finished the conversation by saying well your schedule change request was denied and no one gets to only work one day a week.

However, there are two other employees who get one day a week and i normally get 5-10 hours a week which is 1 to 2 days but random days and i wanted to change it to sunday only and I even asked my manager if that would be fine to work one day a week for the next month since I am busy with school and when I am done with school I will be able to work in the mornings anyday of the week and she said it would be fine... Now hes saying this cant be done and if you dont show up for your schedule you will be fired.

Its not like it will be a problem showing up for work for the next few weeks but are they alowed to treat me like that and hit at me being a suspect of stealing when I have never taken a thing from them in the two years I have worked there? I dont know what to do I contacted HR but never got a response now what???


If you don't like the people, just quit.

Calling HR won't do any good, unless there is proof of harrassment. No proof = no action taken.

I'm not sure why I'm wasting my time... If he was hired for seasonal employment, he's out of work now anyway.


same here things are getting out of hand and really annoying.

they act like they own best buy.


Call HR!! They jump on that kind of *** right quick!

That is grounds for MAJOR trouble..

We had a situation at our store like that and when it wasn't addressed at the store level quick enough, we had corporate people here in 2 days to make sure it stopped and NEVER occurred again- it's MUCH better now, even the Mgrs. have our back!


That's seriously ignorant of the other people that worked with you. I've heard of things like that happening before, but, you of all people would understand that it's really not like that everywhere.

I wish you had come here at store 294, honestly. Cliques still exist, but only with the younger employees. When it comes to the more experienced sales staff, we met up for different events, set up fantasy football leagues, etc.

I've heard accounts of people calling HR before, and they've all worked out in favor of the people that were wronged. HR is there to defend the company, but the best way that they do that is by stopping intermediate problems like this.


right I agree, I had the same problem at advance aparts DC30 dist center.they harassed people regards to the sex and when a dept claim was made ;dist manager found through the hot line who maybe. the best advice i can add is to walk away take the law into you own hands behind closed doors yep thats right ;;Heres why //several attempts were made in case like these to drag them trough the courts ,if you cant prove your case lots of legal expenses will follow.i once had a JUDGE render a verdict and the lawyer didnt even enforce it.they lawyer wanted to drag the case through the system til i was broke.. get another job be sure there refernce is good,that at least a lawyer can help...just walk away..


HR's sole mission in any company is to make it look like they are on your side only to get a complete story in defense of the company in case a lawsuit is filed. They could give a fat babies behind about any problem you have. Soon they will pull you on the side and unofficially tell you to quit !!

@HR........Ha! Ha ! Ha!

As an employee spanning five stores over just less than twenty years, I can tell you from personal experience that your statement is not only false and self serving, but immature as well. This is probably the biggest problem WITH Best Buy; the average age of it's employees.

And it shows. If you don't like working there, do the rest of us a favor and quit.

You're obviously not well suited for this kind of retail experience. :roll


Like Tom said, call HR. They do not tolerate that kind of behavior.

I am sorry that you have to deal with this kind of *** from other employees, and it shouldn't be like that, but be aware that you will probably see this type of behavior no matter where you work. It does not make it right by any means, I'm just saying that you should expect it to an extent, and if you don't think that it is right, do something about it (example: call HR.) Hope things get better, and remember: these people are probably only acting this way because they are Best Buy for lifers and will never graduate college or do anything better with their lives than work at a retail store.

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